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  1. Well like you said you said most are super secretive, but if you need some one looking to get actively training I’m open to hear what you are looking to do.
  2. Hey man, I’m just south of the border in SC, lake Wylie area but I’ve been looking for a group also and have been coming up short.
  3. hey i will be on again to night for awhile

  4. Gopher


  5. It sounds like you already have your answer. There are positive and negatives to everything it all depends on what you’re doing. I think as a militia force it’s not a bad idea to have one, but hey, maybe you don’t want one, that’s cool too. With pistols it’s mostly just a personal protection weapon (there are exceptions to every rule) so if it makes you more comfortable having it rock on, if not I wouldn’t worry to much about it. I would definitely stay away from those low hanging thigh rigs though, get something just a bit higher like a mid ride or just a belt mounted.
  6. I think a lot of it just has to do with the size of militia units in general. Being in small groups with little to no sort of resupply or support chain if you have a catastrophic failure of your rifle you will at least have something to defend yourself with until you can get that situation remedied. For a militia unit I think something like a sidearm is just personal preference, but I do believe the guys going all tacticool with the rifle/pistol transitions and high speed pistol drills is a bit overboard. If you are going to your pistol in a combat situation shit as already gone way sideways and your fucked either way.
  7. Hey good luck on finding a group.  Its a challenge for sure.  I'd say we have you out this way if you where closer.

  8. Hey I know this post is older but I’m new here but I’m in the same area looking to join a unit or get one going
  9. Hey man it’s nothing personal but just look at this guys explanation, he is taking an element that is in direct contact with enemy small arms fire and is going to have them stand up (assuming that the guys are in a prone position) and maneuver in full view of the enemy? What they should be doing is splitting that initial single friendly force into two separate units. On a patrol they should be a good distance apart (depending on terrain) that way the lead element if caught in a fire fight can lay down a base of fire like the guy said in the video but don’t bring that second force up on line keep them back so they can move undetected without being in direct contact so they can actually move up and create an assault line and coordinate with their support by fire for lift and shift fires for assaulting through. But then again that all depends on how close the initial contact is, I can get into it more later if you want but whatevs.
  10. I’m sorry but that is a terrible instruction video for a basic flanking maneuver. If anyone has watched it please forget everything you learned from it
  11. Clover, SC. Former SGT. US Army National guard, 11B (Infantry) mountain qualified, looking for a solid group to work with, new to this

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