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  1. Here is a song for you guys. Some battle music if you will. I have a feeling ya'll will like it as much as i do.
  2. i need to try that, it looks delicious. Is this something we could do in a field kitchen?
  3. Definitely some good points brought up here. We have alot of stuff to think about, and potential problems. As for a greater purpose for militias, thats an easy one. Reforming the militia system. I think we can all agree that is a good goal for the militia to have. If we can make that our solid base, we can use that to grow from there, and base our arguments off of that goal. Im sure different people could come up with different reasons why this is important, but im sure all of us can come up with something. Plus, its not much more "far fetched" than our movement already is. I Think the best we could do on the propaganda side, is the same with most conservative stuff, grassroots. Have your local militias start putting up recruitment posters and possibly flags at local gun stores and pawn shops, with permission or payment to the owner. Do the same thing with pamphlets and brochures. Maybe hold some public militia musters with signs advertising the event. Or, do what i have always wanted to see. Build a militia billboard on a highway on private property. That would get some attention. Propoganda is a game, we just have to learn how to play to our advantage.
  4. This is a quick one. With all of the militia musters going on in Virginia right now at the county level, i have to ask. Why aren't established militia units, especially the larger ones, holding community militia musters? It would be difficult to do right, but is definitely not beyond the realm of possibility. Not only would it give militiamen valuable training in learning how to train others, but it would also get you more out into the local community, and you would be better preparing your community for any dangerous situations. Is there any reason why this isnt being done, or was it just not really considered heavily? It is just one of the many things that i've been thinking about lately.
  5. true, but if my some came home and said he banged a hot math teacher, id probably give him a high five. just saying XD
  6. that is the beauty of the militia for me. Just like the work force, we have a place for everyone to excel.
  7. welcome aboard brother, we were all in your boat at one point or another.
  8. best bet would be to check sportsmans guide. May not have what your looking for, but if they do, it may be at a good price.
  9. whenever i mention it, yes i do.
  10. Nope your good. I was kind of in a mood when I wrote it, thank you for cleaning it more than I did. I agree that the local Virginians need to be in charge and at the front, it just annoys me that people say "NO ONE" should open carry. I don't like the mentality that we MUST play by their rules, 100% of the time, even when we shoot ourselves in the foot by doing so. But, anyway, no I will never be offended by someone cleaning up my post or correcting me when I'm wrong, as long as it is not done with malicious intent. Thank you friend, and stay safe.
  11. i honestly think EVERYONE should open carry ar15s and aks like security guy said. Compliance is consent in their eyes. The only way to show them we mean business is to completely disregard their rules they put for us. We have played by their rules for decades, how far has it got us? Basically nowhere.
  12. i already shout out my militia in many youtube videos, even the ones not gun or politics related. Anytime militia like units are talked about in sci-fi for instance, i mention the militia movement.
  13. i work there, this is hilarious XD

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