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  1. id probably get my carrier and start ambushing patrols.... just saying...
  2. i was thinking the same thing. im just waiting for it.
  3. So fixer gave me an idea. while many are at home, (i am not one of them) this is a great opportunity to get some gaming in. what better way to have fun and prepare than by gaming with other patriots and militiamen. So this topic will be dedicated to helping people on this site game together. Have fun everyone!
  4. it may not be your taste but i love red vs blue. my recommendation, start at season 6. if you watch it, you'll understand. Santa Clarita diet was alright. haven't watched the others.
  5. why didnt i think of this. we should have some militia game nights for moral and esprit de core of the movement. though i am on xbox.
  6. i love your profile pick. ned kelly sure was an interesting one thats for sure. and dont worry, when we win our war, we will send you some of our guns and help you win yours. after we help canada though. priorities XD
  7. reform them. like restarting a computer to fix a few bugs. it will never go away fully, but a reset now and then helps things run more smoothly.
  8. i agree, we definitely need to try recruiting from other areas that hold a high potential. as for us getting any benefactors, i would say that should go to physical war material like armored vehicles and weapons.
  9. i agree, i have been pretty busy lately as the virus is giving us more hours, im in retail, but ill see what i can do.
  10. i am just worried they will use this as a way to try and kick a critical hit on us and blame it on the virus or use that as an excuse. Like arresting militia leaders and say it was because we wouldn't let a quarantine go unimpeded.
  11. i was thinking, we need some militia propaganda posters. Kind of like the ones fixer was posting, but with unique artwork. here was my first idea for one. A militiaman in woodland BDUs Helping a wounded militiamen in either old clothing or a continental army uniform, obviously with a tri-corn. The words would say something like, "He did his part, now its our turn, join your local militia today. or we could make that one picture with the militiamen half in modern uniform and half in Continental fatigues with a tomahawk a poster. Something like "once a militiaman, always a militiaman" It shouldn't be hard to find some artist who can draw these up, and we could pay for it by buying the posters.
  12. oh no doubt about that. i have no delusions about the fact that not all of us will be the good guys. but i feel we are the best choice and im sticking to my guns, lol.
  13. ill admit, i dont know a whole lot about the guard in terms of specifics, and yeah, i know they are allowed to deny illegal orders.... but so are the atf and the fbi as far as i know... yet we had waco and ruby ridge. not entirely disagreeing with you, just pointing that out. thank you for the critique, i welcome any more you have.

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