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  1. my thought is this. This country needs to reinstate the militia system. That will never happen in this regime, so assume i am talking "post-war" after we win and establish a new government. The militia should have 2 basic parts. The local militia, and what i call minutemen units. The local or standard militia will be essentially what the founders created. They will be organized at the county or equivalent level, have bare minimum combat equipment and will train one weekend every 1 or 2 months. The minutemen unit will essentially be like the private units we have today. they will be vehemently independent from all government assistance, whereas the local units may receive some from the county or state. They will have better gear, train more, and they will essentially be the cream of the militia crop. The basic job of the local militia is to defend their areas, whereas the minutemen units would be trained in guerrilla warfare, and would leave their homes to wage war in a slightly larger area of operations than the local militias. They both could work together, however, as they are still militia units of said county. This is how i view the militia in its best form. Also, i feel militia service should be mandatory, but minutemen service should only consist of volunteers.
  2. i like it. i need to get patches for mine.
  3. i understand. I guess we will just have to wait and see. though it doesnt look like we are gonna have to wait long...
  4. a pride in our region. I've always said, no one kicked the unions ass like we did. There were many brave confederates and some of our best military leaders as a country were confederates. Its just something we have to ourselves to be proud of.
  5. Nonetheless ... the Confederate flag must be reserved for Southern family reunions, private celebrations and the like. It would be fatal to make it part of the militia movement, even in the South. The hard reality is, the Left have succeeded in making it, in the eyes of most Americans, a symbol of slavery. All the eloquent arguments you can make about its not being that [see above!], won't have any effect. If it appears at militia or patriotic gatherings, it will just be a gift to the Left, a stupid selfish act of self-indulgence by people who don't care about building the movement and having it bring in the hundreds of thousands that it must have. In a way, it's like the swastika, which is actually an ancient symbol for good luck, and a spiritual symbol for several Eastern religions. Suppose some Hindu-Americans joined the militia movement, and wanted to bring a swastika flag to a demonstration. They could argue that this is their symbol, they've had it for two thousand years, it means auspiciousness, it was hijacked by the Nazis ... all true, but it would be a really deeply stupid thing to do. Confederate flag, same same. There's one more argument: let's agree for the sake of argument that the Confederate flag is a regional/tribal symbol: the symbol of white Southerners. But we want the militia movement to be an American movement, not a confederation of different racial and tribal groups. The American flag is NOT the symbol of any race or religion or nationality -- it's the symbol of every American citizen who adheres to the ideas set down in the Declaration of Independence, and then given substance over time. It represents a different kind of 'nationalism' -- it's what makes America different as a nation. Now ... the Left is working hard to break this down, to split this country along the racial fracture lines, which are real. We have to do just the opposite. i believe that theres a chance the country will balkanize during the war. If that happens, i hope the confederacy, if even for a short time, is reinstated. At least personally. Our land is defendable and it would be easiest to pull it off here and in the redoubt. Speaking of, i think the redoubt should become its own country during the war as well, it is perfectly feasible. keep in mind, the colonies didnt always fight in perfect unison.
  6. i am well aware. I know i have plenty. I would say another one of my strengths is i try to be logical, even about myself.
  7. Strengths: Relatively book-smart when it comes to history, guerrilla warfare and the militia. Moderately physically fit. I would say i am extremely motivated and passionate about the militia and gun rights. Likely would be classified as radical on the loyalty scale. Low income but low bills too so i am making progress in building my kit and supplies. Also a good people person all in all. Weakness: Young and inexperienced, not as fit as i should be. Not many connections or even life experience due to young age. I likely have many misconceptions about war and survival, as well as very little field experience, havent even been camping. Probably would be considered by peers as too gung-ho. Im sure ill think of more.
  8. The main reason i bring up the confederate flag is that many people in the south are very patriotic about the confederate heritage and in some areas it would be beneficial to use that flag. If we are going with an iteration of the american flag, i vote for the three percenter version of the Betsy Ross flag. We could use the gadsden flag and the black three percenter flag as a type of battle flag.
  9. https://nbc25news.com/news/local/day-six-community-continues-to-rally-behind-owosso-barber-defying-gov-whitmers-order does anyone have any information on this article? Michigan militia guarding 77 yo barber.
  10. This is for posting articles and videos relating to the militia as a way of asking members on the site if they have and deeper information on certain matter than what the media puts out alone. Also a place to review and give opinions on current events relating to the militia.
  11. the only politics we should be concerned with as a movement is regarding civil rights and the countries integrity. Border security, the bill of rights, and especially gun rights. Everything else is up to the individual and should stay that way.
  12. i personally think that it should be this, or the first official confederate flag for southern states, with the 3 percenter symbol in the stars.
  13. thats a good unit flag, but is that something you would want as the official flag of our captured territory? not hating, just wondering what your thought is on it.
  14. I have a fun one for you guys today. Hypothetically speaking, What would be the best choice of battle flag either for our side or if we use different ones in different areas, what would be your choice? When I say battle flag, the scene I picture is a captured town or city flying our flag above its main government building. what is it?
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