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  1. It seems to me that the book is more intended to justify a militia and not actually act as a field manual. Almost the entire beginning is either completely talking about the bible or historical precedent. It's not bad, but really should be divided into two books.
  2. Yeah, i mostly just watch you tube. If not that, then occasionally Netflix.
  3. agreed, i will not vote for him specifically because of gun control.
  4. same, i am the only militia supporter in my family that i am aware of.
  5. Well, im an 18 year old living in north central Florida. I am not looking for a unit here, as i am hopefully going to move to Texas within the year. I am honestly posting this for the knife give-away XD
  6. i saw the same video and agree, it felt like he was really hating on it. Especially when it came to the part where is said the children were expected to "not show emotion". I thought the guy didn't know what he was talking about or was digging way to deeply into it. Was it propaganda? I would say yes, but i think it ends at the concept of us being armed for more than self defense, and that we need to be ready to fight at a moment notice. As for prisoners... thats a tricky one... above my pay grade right now but will give it thought.
  7. 18 year old Floridian militia supporter here. The youth is not as patriotic as they used to be, but there are still some of us out there that get it.
  8. Here is my rendition of the song "My Little Armalite" written by the IRA. It uses the same basic tune and melody, but a few words have more syllables than they are meant to, so if it doesn't sound right, try pronouncing it differently. And it's up in The Redoubt, that's where I long to be / Hiding in the mountains with a militia company /a comrade on me left and another on me right / and a mag of ammunition for me little Armalite Well the ATF came knocking, and they said "you are a swine"/ they shot my little puppy and they killed my son and wife / I begged and I pleaded all my manners were polite/ but all the time i'm thinking of me little Armalite And its up at Ruby Ridge, that's where I long to be / lying in the dark with a militia company / a comrade on me left and another on me right/ and a mag of ammunition for me little Armalite Well this "brave" BLM man, came marching up our street/ 200 federal agents he had lined up at his feet/ come out you cowardly rancher, come on out and fight/ he cried "i'm only joking" when he saw our Armalites And its down at Bundy Ranch, that's where I long to be / hiding on the overpass with a militia company/ a comrade on me left and a sniper on me right/ and a mag of ammunition for me little Armalite Well the Feds came to visit me, twas in the early hours / with MRAPs and Bear-cats and other armored cars / they thought they had me cornered but i gave them all a fright/ with a cache of home-made C4 and me little Armalite And its down i'in Dixie, that's where I long to be /hiding in the woods with a militia company / a comrade on me left and another on me right/ and a mag of ammunition for me little Armalite Well those dumb politicians, think they've got us on the run/ with their armies, and agencies, and overpowered guns/ but let me tell you something, and you better here me right / id love to see you try to take our little Armalites And its up in Appalachia, that's where I long to be/ hiding in the forest with a militia company, a comrade on me left and another on me right/ and a mag of ammunition for me little Armalite.
  9. imagine if ISIS walked in on them like that XD
  10. i feel this warrants a description...
  11. Why America Needs Militias I will be the first to admit that the militia has not a few, but many inherent flaws. This was a problem in the American Revolution, the war of 1812, and the civil war to name a few. We may be mocked for our tendency to retreat, we may be labeled as warmongers and terrorists for our actions and beliefs, and we may not always be the best ones for the job, but we are always there. We may not save the day, but when war looms on American soil, the militia is the first to answer the call. We are the first to give a warning and the first to face the danger. We have our fair share of problems, but what we have to offer is worth the effort, especially when the alternative is the destruction of a system that has so much potential. While it may have been a relationship born from desperation and necessity America and militias, public and private, go hand in hand. Militias will always have a place in the American way of life. Militias are the products of communities and societies that work together for the common defense. To shame and degrade the militia in its entirety would be to do the same to society itself. When danger looms, militias are born, When war is declared patriots arm and prepare, and when chaos is bound to reign supreme, it will always be militias who answer the call. Militias are the people at arms, after all. To deny the creation of militias is to deny the most basic, foundational, and fundamental right of all. The right of self-defense, for the people at large. That is a blasphemy and an infraction of the highest magnitude. To disarm the militia is the best and most effectual way to enslave them. When all else fails, the militia will always be a last resort, the last hope. The militia is the peoples, liberties, teeth. Let Them Take Arms!
  12. This is just a place to post any random stand alone posts that don't quit fit anywhere else. Motivational posts, or maybe just something you wrote that you would like to share. Preferably something with more depth than a random meme though.
  13. i was leaning more towards 20 or 30. But, i see what you mean.
  14. I know, it is important to differentiate fact from fiction, but i was saying it is at least a satisfying thought. Though i am aware that a platoon is likely the biggest unit size that can go undetected in most areas. Though, if you think about it, a platoon simply means two or three squads that can individually cause a raucous. The platoon would only fully assemble when a bigger mission had to be done, like a raid, then go their separate ways.

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