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  1. Thank you. And thanks for reminding me to read the rules. I didnt know where they were after my initial sign in. Where are you from LFR?
  2. Hey Keith I'm new here. Its proving a little hard to find anyone in my area. I live in Beckley WV 25801. I'm interested in meeting some other stand up Americans such as yourself. How often are you looking to have organizational meetings and training sessions?
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  4. My name is Thomas. I am an American that loves our country. I am deeply saddened by the way pir country has treated it's own people lately. I believe we the people must be organized and trained to care for ourselves and our rights. 23 years young and excited to meet some new members. My favorite car is a 68-69 highly customized Mustang. My favorite rifle is the AK47, however I settle for my semi auto AKM. I live in west virginia and am willing to travel within reason for community training and organizing.
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