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  1. Yeah they tought them how to build their own ghillie's, map drawing, dope set up, land nap and several other things
  2. This was taken a couple years back. We have two US Army snipers in our group and they put on a sniper class.
  3. 1st Sgt Staggs, as callsign Stryker 75, reporting in.

  4. Hello, and welcome to the homepage of the de jure militia for the State of Indiana, the 19th Continental Field Force. We are a well-regulated volunteer network of de jure state militia units, whose purpose is to train and apply skills to assist the Indianans (Hoosiers) that we share state citizenship with. These skills may include, but are not limited to, disaster preparedness, emergency response, special tactical response, first aid assistance and first response, firearms safety and training, hand-to-hand self defense techniques, soldiering and self-discipline, Law, History, and much more!

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