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  1. I’m in the white plains area where are you located?
  2. I live in Westchester County, as of March 26th, a store was being looted in Elmsford NY, this robbery was witnessed by a friend who is a UPS driver. He stated the police were parked across the street from the looting and they did nothing. He even drove up to them and he was ignored. NYC has already begun with looting’s. They NYPD has many officers with the virus so they are at a shortage. I believe It wouldn’t matter. The police are doing nothing. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay armed. ??⚔️?????
  3. Just checking in, everything ok here, but heard things are starting to unravel. Pray for the best & Prepare for the worst. ⚔️?
  4. I Will donate, Thank You for sharing this information. I’m tired of hearing Cops stand with us, nothing but lying bullshit. They only care about themselves and can’t wait to start trying to take out weapons. Murderers ?
  5. I am on Facebook but it’s under Charlie Fontanello. You can reach out if you’d like. Carlo is my real name , parents made me use Charles because it sounds more American.
  6. I’m in Westchester County not too far from the shithole NYC
  7. My Prayers to his family. Now this is total BS, damn cops are not with us. I’m sick and tired of hearing that they stand with us, it’s bull. Im a boomer and I don’t stand with cops any longer. They should be wearing Red F**king coats not blue. ?
  8. I would like to have a 914, so I can get people involved in my area.
  9. Thank You. I have a problem navigating this site. I appreciate any and all help. Thank You again and God Bless???
  10. I would like to have a 914 area code started. What is my next step?
  11. Lower Westchester County here. God Bless all of my fellow patriots. ??
  12. Here and always ready, failing to prepare is preparing to FAIL
  13. How can I help? I live in lower Westchester County. I’m limited to a degree, I’m disabled but not incapacitated, I’m a patriot above and beyond anything else in my life. It’s not about what you have or lack there of but about how much you will give of yourself. I can’t give 100% physically, I can give 75% , but I can give 100% of my 75 %. Feel free to contact me, I’m willing to do my part. ???
  14. Carlo


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