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  1. @EricB1956 @Michael Gr @Gearbox We drifted off with this sham of an election, But here is another guy.
  2. Agreed. What I did is posted in the Kansas Roll call page (for you Texas Roll call), Mentioned I was starting a group, A quick explanation, and invited people to join me. I then created a group in the militias section ( I called it Kansas Allied Patriots) and began posting a couple of threads as ice breakers ( a thread about commo, A thread for user/member suggestions, etc.). I then checked in the Kansas (for you Texas) militia forum, and when we made the Area Code Militia system there for active members in my area. I made a utilitarian intro message ( I will write a example at th
  3. Most people join the site looking to join a existing group and then lose interest. It has taken nearly a year to get the Kansas militia going. I do agree, we as a movement are very balkanized which seriously impedes our progress in protecting and preserving our republic.
  4. I highly doubt you know what you are talking about nor have or will do anything. You will be one of the first dead if you do. Watch your words youngling, My unit HAS lost patriots this year to Antifa. And anyone actually going to go rambo isnt stupid enough to say it on a web forum that is certainly under watch by the Feds. Have some fucking respect until you are willing to do more than front on a key board and stroke your own ego. Also, Vietmanese militia and US militia are not the same. If this was your idea of a manifesto then good job. Feds use specialized OSINT software and yo
  5. Unless you are the one firing, do not advocate the shooting of your opponents unless all hell has broken lose. we are MILITIA, defensive. We do not fire first. we do not advocate for firing the first shot. Defend the Republic at all cost.
  6. We have not gathered enough people in your area for a unit, However @Loren-USAPatriot is nearby you. Perhaps you two should come into contact?
  7. Our wichita group is getting ready to have a meet up. I can message you the link and get you in contact with them
  8. Often people join looking for a established group, wait a couple days then stop checking in. Or sit for months waiting for a group.
  9. Currently I am in Kansas, But am from Lake County (Paisley). Oregons thread has been quiet so I was going to try and help people get organised if there were people looking. lend a hand for my home state.
  10. There is a group forming in KAP for 316 area. would you like a link?
  11. If there are no active groups, you guys may want to form your own.
  12. @ Hammer3sf Quite right. Some may have some training, and they have been stealing firearms. But they will mainly stay in their cities and kill eachother (Chaz) when all the patriots leave. Then find themselves outnumbered if they rally up and go to other smaller communities ( look at what happened in Klamath Falls Oregon earlier this year)

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