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  1. Black lives matter is joined with Antifa and both groups share info with the KKK. Black lives matter is supplying the riots and is the group that pulled attention away from Floyds death and made it about specifically race, and are also the group who is in charge of planning where events happen as well as one of their leaders told Floyds brother to stop being a white supremacist when the brother mentioned Floyd had a video pleading people not to riot if he ever died by law enforcement. An all lives matter protest where everyone can air their grievances would be better. Besides you will be doxed and messed with if BLM identifies you as Militia. They were calling my not white wife a white supremacist and threatening to execute her yesterday night. @ Shurrie
  2. 2 blocks from Hutch Protest, all peaceful for now. No cops, just a area barricaded off for the protest.
  3. Im going to be protecting businesses later today at my towns rally. I dont expect any issues here though.
  4. No military help for police is my wish. Maybe they can help rebuild shit but no one wants to see US troops deployed domestically. If they are we will see how many patriots have more than just thumbs, who rucks up.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=insurrection+act&oq=insurr&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3j69i60.26236j0j9&client=ms-android-sprint-mvno-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 1992 los angeles riots had legal federal troops. Its a listed exception in the posse commitatus act
  6. I thought it might be after i posted. Now i feel like an Ass. They will be here sunday. Guess im about to find out who the commies are in my town
  7. Definitely riots. Old women arent attacked in the streets and random bussinesses burnt down during protests. We have multiple dead. These are the most violent protests i have ever seen
  8. Portland PD is on fire, some states have activated National Guard units. The Republic Defense Forces all just got messages saying be ready to go into the field. The following cities are in full blown active rioting, not a complete list. Portland Oregon Minneanappolis MN Atlanta GA NYC Denver, CO Houston TX Las Vegas NV Los Angeles CA San jose CA Washington DC Boston MA Philidephia PA
  9. Ive observed that. Multicam appears to be the best bet for in Kansas. I swapped over to multicam but i have the origional multicam, not scorpion
  10. I am happy with it. Unless there comes an objection we will run with that. Professional or not it hits the nail on the head.
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