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  1. I dont think you are over reacting. People have lost their lives (Duncan lemp was a mymilitia user) and 30 people have already died from the riots. One issue is most of the action has been in large cities where patriots are outnumbered. Most also dont think about how much thought and funding the enemy has. We must remain vigilant.
  2. The current events of our nation is something all patriots lement. The destruction of our Constitution that has been occurring long before my birth, The Balkanization of our nation and the people within, seeing Americans kill each other in the streets, as well as the voices of the average person being suppressed by those claiming to be systematically oppressed while the people of our union oppress each other, and themselves. Defending yourself under the law is cause to be demonized while rioting and threatening innocent bystanders is held as justice for the downtrodden. Lives lost defending freedom are dragged through the mud while domestic Terrorists killed or physically pushed back on are heralded as martyrs and freedom fighters. This is a gruesome and vindictive cycle that is actively tearing apart every thread of our society which was already on fire. The threats to our nation come from both within our borders and from lands outside of our home soil which would not be able to exist or act without our funding and support. Our political leadership is either in support of the mass assault of our society or at least are unwilling to act in direct opposition of it. The destruction we see in cities like Minneapolis and Seattle, Violence of the ilk of Portland Oregon, and the manipulation of people by both the media and the government is apparent. Bodies lay in our streets ranging from less than 10 years old up to past retirement age is a direct statement to the state of our union. The abhorrent conflict that has turned us all against each other is well underway. As with our last supposed civil war this civil and societal rupture is and indeed has been developing in a way different than any conflict seen in recorded history. Our enemy is a conglomeration of ideas, beliefs, cults and violent mobs spanning the spectrum from useful yet ignorant masses fueled by unipolarized news, to semi-organized violent crowd based cult ideologies, to organized and hostile terror based militant groups such as John Brown Gun clubs, Marxist militias, redneck revolt, and militias that turned their backs on the American people and assist in training the aforementioned groups. This also encompasses politicians working in lock-step with these organizations whether out of fear, Pandering, or financial support. Even with the wide array of goals and ideologies these groups can rapidly and statically organize in the hundreds. They are well funded and supplied. During the Floyd Offensive, which was masked by coast to coast riots in the name of George Floyd; arms, Funding, equipment and goods that could be sold on the streets were looted which further helped with their funding and supply. On our side we have patriotic Americans, Preppers, Individual militiamen. While more ideologically drawn together we are far from unified. Militias in some areas are asking for public donations, Too many people just want to be seen as leaders while not putting in the effort or toil that comes with that position. Personal arguments and flaring overactive egos destroy units whether established or just starting as well as amongst patriots gathering on forums and other digital spheres. This is not to insult our community, Only an urge to push towards unity and maturing our movement to be ready for the future difficulties we will face. How can we hope to protect and preserve our communities or our constitution and liberty that countless patriots paid the utmost cost to honor and uphold. I do not claim to know what we will see in the future. I have only my experiences and observations; as well as a deep love for my American brothers and sisters, our constitution which while in tatters still stands resolute, and pure stubbornness to not turn my back on what I hold dear and what we all rally behind. Until my dying breath this I will defend at all costs and hold the line of Freedom and Liberty. These colors don't run. This flag has NOT fallen or reversed. We assault forward unto Valhalla. No matter what we face, or what form this conflict takes, people across the world and both past and present will hear, heed, respect and join in with the battle cry of Freedom, Liberty, and America.
  3. Good morning/Afternoon/evening Patriots! On August 8th we will be meeting out at Melvern lake for this drill. We will rally up just east of the town of Arvonia Kansas at the Sundance Park camping area. Class leaders be Present at 9:30 AM, We will be forming ranks at 10AM SHARP. Basic weapons class will be taught by our S3 (training and operations officer) @ Dale Pittman then we will continue with our days training, which is explained below along with links to educational resources for study before hand. Equipment: wear Camouflage clothing that you have, Preferably of military style print. If you only have the Jacket or trousers then wear what you have. This includes Patrol caps/ Boonie hats. Bring your main weapon and if you have one your side arm as well as your IFAK. Also bring food as it sucks to train on an empty stomach. If you have commo bring that as well along with water. There are restrooms on site. Dale will have signs made to help people find the training area. Drill for 8 August 2020 Individual movement TC3-21.75, Chapter 7 Low crawl High crawl Rush Cover, concealment and camouflage TC3-21.75, Chapter 5 Decision making process Hand and arm signals TC 3-21.60, Communication phonetic alphabet https://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/guide-to-the-military-alphabet.html Medical TC 3-21.75, Chapter 3-26 Identify wound Treat wound Sucking chest wound IEDs TC 3-21.75, Chapter 15, Section II Vehicle Anti-personnel What to look for Water purification Field expedient Life straw, Berkey Publications: INFANTRY PLATOON AND SQUAD: ATP 3-21.8 https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=106213 The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills: TC 3-21.75 https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=103242 Soldiers Manual and Trainers Guide: STP 7-11B1-SM-TG https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=81529 Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks, Warrior Skills Level 1: STP 21-1-SMCT https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1008124 Visual Signals: TC 3-21.60 https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1001865
  4. And obviously cut their funding. Dont bite the hand that has fed you for decades.
  5. That should be a last resort. As a Marine i can tell you we are not trained to handle civilians. However the use of the M5 crowd control munition would be my suggestion. It combines a flashbang and a device that resembles a m81 claymore but fires 300-600 rubber balls. Blow off a couple of those and come in with APCs with water cannons and wash out any resistance. Less lethal, effective, and stops the rioters attempted fire attacks. However i am a grunt, not a polititian. My idea for the UN is to evict their asses and send them back to europe where they can live the soft lives they wish to. Let the Eurotrash figure things out on their own for once.
  6. What about trying to set up a protest outside the UN HQ? Then pushing for defunding their asses.
  7. Why dont you send me a email @ James Haskins [email protected]
  8. Per missouri law, they legally could have opened fire and watered the lawn with commie juices. Thats the sad part about the case.
  9. Due to difficulty finding a range this meeting has moved to Pretty Prairie Kansas. Location: 1399, 1001 E Parallel Rd, Pretty Prairie, KS 67570 Time: 1000 hours (10 AM) Parking and tags: There is public parking on premisis. A cost free tag is required and obtainable on arrival. Subject Matter: Introductory weapons safety class: @ Dale Pittman Basic gear considerations: @ Dale Pittman Understanding the Constitution and militias: @ Ideological Gambler American militia history @ Ideological Gambler Over the next week more trainings will be finalized and uploaded.
  10. Hello everyone. After a long spell I am back to restart things here. First some updates: Some members of KAP have started forming Lightfoot style units. We have several trainings planned which will soon be posted here. Kansas Allied Patriots was envisioned as a network style group of all patriotic Kansans, from minutemen/militiamen to preppers and to the Average joe. Any forming group operated by members in Kansas will have a thread that is shown at the top of the threads here in the KAP thread. If interested in the Lightfoot group there will be a thread up by the end of the night. If you have a Militia, Mutual Assistance Group or other patriotic organization let us know and we will put a introductory thread up for you as well! My response times have been horrible lately. However things are coming back active so feel free to reach out now!
  11. That will be a issue, however we will see if they ever decide to really push it.
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