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  1. yes. my bad, getting ready for work and forgot to tag you @ Claw Hammer
  2. any info/links you would recommend I look into?
  3. Ill look into it. While it is still legal I am looking into gun smithing and it would be cool to build a LMG style from the ground up.
  4. Its highly unliked, and even if the radicals manage to impeach, there wont be a removal. Hopefully this impeachment crap leads to those whack jobs losing re-election.
  5. Update: some transfers of home made firearms are allowed, but if you make one and immediately sell, or do this on multiple firearms you will get charged as a illegal firearms manufacturer unless you are liscenced with the Feds. I would still advise not transfering ownership of any weapons made at home and be informed of your states laws. California and probably New York ( possibly soon Virginia) have restrictions on this at the state level.
  6. This seems like a flexible option for Infantry based militia unit, providing a LMG option that can be turned into a standard rifle for more selective fire.
  7. ok. look in here for units, also you can use the member map to look for members and groups near you. NC forum : https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/52-north-carolina-militias/ member map: https://www.mymilitia.com/membermap/
  8. @ James L. Dolweck Welcome! Which state are you located in?
  9. It is often overlooked because everyone assumes the grid will immediately go down, I believe that is fear mongering and that while it will go down, it will be up in some areas for a while. Peace time we need to share as much info and knowledge as possible in preparation.
  10. Reno county checking in. A couple more shootings, including one at night that took out our apartment managers window ( appears to have been a rifle). increased police activity the last 4 days but nothing major in news or available police reports. mostly calm here and barely seems like winter so far.
  11. This week, after I finish my research and speaking with others actively working on the communications side I will be using the nearby members link to individually message each patriot in Kansas about interest in forming a communication network within the state, which i hope some will join the national set up Harold shared. I will update here after i do that.

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