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  1. Good morning everyone! To start with I want mention some deadlines we have set for getting things rolling. We will have a suggested gear list posted by February 20th, in addition three concepts for structure and basic manuals will be introduced by March 1st, and on March 15th we will vote to decide what kind of structure we will use and make any suggested adjustments. Hopefully by then we will have organised a meeting, if not we are planning to have one by April 1st. Tonight I will make a post about the my militia area code topic as things are still being worked out on it, also today I will be reaching out to some of you in KAP about ways you may be able to help. I hope everyone had a good valentines day. Lets get it done!
  2. Yes we are here. Things have been hectic on my side. Congratulations on your wedding @ Shurrie . Tomorrow I will post a overall update, including set timelines for projects and organisational structures, basic documents and the like. I hope everyone stays relatively warm and enjoy your valentines day.
  3. Are you currently in Kansas or Virginia?
  4. ^^ I will add it here or put a link to it. That is a great starting place for getting tactics and standard operating procedures down
  5. Our baofengs here are set on two frequencies, one falling in FRS frequencies and one in GMRS frequencies for now.
  6. 2 way radios (like walmart bubble packs) are great for very close range operations, However the majority of militia units and individuals seem to chose baofeng radios. I have also heard of people using digital radios with generally good results and often more range than bubble pack radios.
  7. I am originally from the west coast and currently living in Central KS. I deployed to two regions in the middle east after joining my beloved corps and became involved in the militia movement after transferring to the Reserves (4th MARDIV, Mustering out of Alameda CA) and later was one of the founding members of what is now the Republic Defense Forces (RDF) which first met in Klamath Falls Oregon. I am currently hoping to establish a state level militia force in Kansas that would be independent of the RDF under our term 'Domestic Internal Defense', A spin off of Foreign Internal Defense missions carried out by US forces in foreign countries. This would culminate in the Militia picking its state leader and having all necessary materials, doctrine, organisation and tactics established.
  8. I currently have Desert MARPAT and am in the process of acquiring OCP. I have a backup set of UCP but prefer not to use it. I personally doubt its effectiveness in any scenario.
  9. Operational Camouflage Pattern Effectiveness
  10. Sniper School: The Secrets Of Camouflage | Forces TV
  11. How Military Camouflage Works Camouflage Documentary World Geographic Channel
  12. Some videos about OCP and MCU patterns, which are the main suggested patterns for the state of Kansas. Which pattern do you feel would be most effectice in your area/ do you own? What other patterns should be considered?
  13. Ideological Gambler came from my LT. He said I had too much interest in other Ideologies and other philosophical systems and would end up being distracted on village walk through, gambling the lives of myself and our Interpreter. This never happened but the name stuck with me inside the platoon and often would be shortened to 'Ideological'
  14. Muster is a militarese term for gathering. Such as to muster up is to report in and meet up. To assemble in a area for inspection, battle, or other duties.
  15. We are here. I ammessaging the other guy working on a presentation now to see if we can get anything out for you all.
  16. I suggest states with sanctuary cities (immigration) do the same if this passes.

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