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  1. I’m less concerned on getting her “on board” then I am being ready when something happens to be totally honest. I can get ready then when the SHTF then she will see that I am right and will have to be “on board” lol
  2. So I just started my beginning of prep. My dad done it years ago (he’s passed now) I figure- Bulk bottled water Bulk canned food (vegetables and meat) I figure I’ll get the little propane bottles for heat and cooking in winter and some empty plastic barrels to collect rain water for bathing washing clothes dishes etc... any ideas from guys that have been doing a while is much appreciated. Books on first aid first aid supplies etc... I live in a small city so really don’t have anywhere to “bug out” to but plan on making my stand and survival here if necessary. My wife thinks I’m crazy.
  3. I actually went on the site and contacted the division in my town... no response. Looks like another burned out militia
  4. Well if you lived in NC that be easy but you are a SC resident not NC. In order to be sworn in you’d have to a NC resident. Have you visited my fb page? Send me a email at the address above ^^^^ telling me a bit about yourself.
  5. It’s hard most don’t want to be active because they are afraid of scrutiny from the government at a federal and state level. All the nut groups have gave the militia a bad name. And most are so secretive you’d swear you were trying to get into CIA or something lol. Idk where they are located but I hear the SC Lightfoot Militia is pretty good
  6. Since I couldn’t find one in my area... I decided to start one... North Carolina Defense Guard. You can find us on FB @ncdefenseguard. Looking for new members. Veterans with honorable DD214 welcome. Looking to meet at least once a week plus regular training missions. Patriots encouraged to join. Not a neo nazi or racist radical group. If you don’t plan on being active don’t even try to join. This unit is for those hoping to keep the values and visions our founding fathers had in 1776. Recruits in Catawba Lincoln Iredell and Burke Counties. Thank you. Contact email: [email protected]
  7. Live in the Catawba County NC area looking for a active militia in my area... Not so called militia but one that trains is active in our state and communities
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