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  1. ROFCB commander, I really appreciate your comments on the subject, Its very refreshing to read your thoughts that I agree with whole heartedly, please keep up the good work and good luck to your group.
  2. john doe, been a member for a while, im in edgar county, looks likew davenport is the closest to me
  3. i have a little non cardio effect also but im pretty good at a couple activities when lying down prone, lol
  4. I to am a firm believer in the information that both of you have expounded upon on this page, A believe in the bible and all its lessons, But im having a real problem of not fighting back against these people, other than voting, who would have our great country turned into something worse than a third world place, Im an older man who probably wont be around when the end days come but I think its closer than what looks like most people realize, At least its a lot closer than it was, its scary how corrupted nearly every aspect of our country has become.
  5. im looking for a member in Vigo county or near there
  6. Im a new member from accross the st line, maybe some time we could meet, I would like to know more about the organization.

  7. Im an older member who values all the freedoms the Constitution and Bill of Rights allows all of this countrys citizens to benifit.

    Im interested in participating in activities of this group of patriots. It looks like to me that the enemy is at the gate. 

  8. john doe

    john doe

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