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  1. National Militias recruiting need to avoid posting in each state's areas. Unless you have a state citizen forming a group locally under your banner, stick to posting in the national militia recruiting area. Thank you, MyMilitia staff.
  2. Kitchen, has a funnel location behind the hostess stand for targets to present themselves and a likely unused egress out the side. Additionally, most restaurants use metal tables and have shit all over the place, making line of sight on me more difficult and bullet placement against me less accurate.
  3. If you look back into guerrilla warfare over the ages, ammo was scrounged. The warfare continued, and those fighting in it continued to fight. I bring this up to put it into context. Stock piling ammo and reloading ammo is good, but having a plan to acquire more off of your opponents is the norm. When you ambush an opponent, do you just leave their bodies there? Successful ambushes that result in a total kill, you don't. You move through the target party, make sure everyone is dead, and take their equipment, ammunition, and weapons, and move on. If your opponents carry different weapons/ammo than yourself, switch to their weapons. Relying only on your preferred ammo is going to cause you more grief in the long run.
  4. Welcome! Feel free to check out the State threads, the maps, and to browse through and join the conversations here!
  5. Will the 6.8 Remington be what the military uses, or will the military be using a different cartridge?
  6. Those are things to figure out, @ACE. Need to figure out what are requirements to make a custom car, how to register it, and an idea of how much you'd value the car.
  7. That's an interesting idea. There was an article I read about making your own vehicle, but I can't find it any more. To make this work out, I think it'd be smart to start with one state and identifying the requirements to build the car. Come up with a simple and flexible design, and teach others to build them.
  8. its simple. My other half has a ton of black purses. One for you, one for you, two for you. You have pockets, whatever you need immediately goes in them, the rest sits in your purse. No rifle? No problem, you're now on rear D until we get supplies in to arm you and possibly further enhance your load bearing equipment. Few and far between will be the scenario you'll need to fully equip a full Company of recruits simultaneously and instantly. Keep it simple, stupid. Start with what they have on them, use alternatives to issue gear, and work to resupply in the field. How do you think guerrilla fighters the world over have done so over the past 100 years? The more immediate needs come first. Can you House, Water, and Feed a company's worth of recruits? I know how to handle it in my AO, but each of us have different circumstances, and I can't/won't try to answer it for you.
  9. Don't determine through gender. Simply put, make the standard applicable to anyone who can hold it. If its a woman, fine, if its a man, fine. I've seen this come up a lot across the militia movement. Men are stronger/faster/tougher than women. Yet, look at the men who make up militia teams. The vast majority are not the models of stronger/faster/tougher that put women to shame. There are militia members who've not seen their own dicks in the past decade proclaiming their superiority over women. That is ludicrous. If you want a cohesive and viable team that can do missions, focus on what those missions are. Establish tasks and standards to accomplish those missions. Then assess anyone who wishes to attempt to attain it. If an individual can do the mission, let them, regardless of anything not impacting the mission.
  10. Assess your needs based on your stated mission(s). If you need a motorpool and designated vehicles, work on it. I foresee most will not need a specific centralized motorpool. With that said, having a plan to maintain and repair vehicles for others in your team would be a good idea. Allow others to work out of your shop, or out of specific places. Identify where to store spare parts that can be accessed from the distributed repair sites.
  11. I've served with men and women in the Army who I've treated the same. It is no different in the militia. If you hold everyone to the standard, everyone maintains that standard. Women are no different.
  12. Welcome to the site! Feel free to join in on any conversations or start your own!
  13. Organizing around fire teams, squads, platoons, and higher are good. Tactically speaking, fire teams are the start. Two man, three man, or four doesn't matter as long as you train together and prepare to integrate into larger formations.
  14. Can you give us a synopsis of Tragedy and Hope 101, and a link to where it can be found? Thank you

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