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  1. The Author is Brian Black, from Imminent Threat Solutions. I enjoy watching some of his videos and reading his articles.
  2. Most states it is illegal to open carry. Hell, here in Louisiana, cops are still harassing and arresting folks for open carry, even though its legal.
  3. Little known fourth theory: Artillery's placement... just look for the crater
  4. Welcome aboard Troy! I'm on the south side of Lafayette. Feel free to start or join in any conversations!
  5. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to share any information you want on other threads about Commo and ECM!
  6. Fixer, give me a call want to join group and help take our Country back from the communist sob's. Have time to participate local projects. 504-777-0550 Sammy ready to go!
  7. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to join in any conversations or start your own!
  8. Welcome! Feel free to join in on any conversations or start your own!
  9. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to look around and share thoughts, ideas, and just jump in on convos!
  10. We've been using the robots in EOD since the 80s. Now, it'll be easier for run of the mill folks to get their hands on it, and with XBox paddles to direct them!
  11. I foresee the creation of the SWAT robots that go in a shoot people with shotguns... anyone else?
  12. It depends on the purpose. For close range comms, between teammates, starting with some gmrs/frs handhelds is a good start. Going for longer distance, maybe look at CBs, or getting a ham radio. Learn the rules of use, and getting licensed to transmit will put you on the right side of the law in most circumstances.
  13. I look forward to hearing what you disagree with, @S.TERRY
  14. Welcome to the site! Feel free to join in any conversations or start your own!