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  1. I've tried selling, I leave on the bus in the AM, and am out of time trying to sell and pawn stuff.
  2. I get told to talk to the VA. Which does me 0 good with my timeline.
  3. I'm in a bad way. I'm moving to Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday August 28th. My funds that were to pay for my room turns out not to be available until after the 1st. The landlord for where I am renting is unable to help. I need to borrow money to get my room so I can start working. I am now short $250. Please loan me some funds and I will repay you when I get paid. If I wasn't coming so close to the deadline I'd keep beating my head against the wall of selling my stuff off. At this point, I am getting on the bus for Ohio on Wednesday. My paypal is paypal.me/Whiskey6
  4. Hey everyone, I'm in a bad spot and have to move NLT Friday, August 23rd. My long term girlfriend broke up with me. Anything I can't pack is being sold. I have a bunch of stuff that is militia/prepper/hunting related that I'd like to sell to help cover my move. The big ticket item is my keltec p11. Hit me up if you are interested in helping a fellow patriot out.
  5. Welcome all to the group! Feel free to bring up topics and explore the site.
  6. I am asking for your help. I am Chris Lovejoy, a former US Army Sergeant living in the path of Tropical Storm Barry. I am prepared to evacuate, but am struggling to afford to handle it. I am asking for donations to help me and my family out of harm’s way. If you are willing to donate to my cause, my paypal account is paypal.me/whiskey6. Please pray for me and signal boost! Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Welcome aboard! With this storm coming in, be safe out there!
  8. My paycheck is short this month. I'm looking to sell these knives and clear out space for those willing to help me out. If interested in the lot, will throw in a street chrome zippo still in the box. Gerber Prodigy NIP --$35 2x Gerber Paraframe I NIP --$15 pair Kershaw CQC-5K (60740LBLK) --$15 Kershaw RJ Tactical 3.0 --$10 ColdSteel Bushman --$15 Bastion Gear Self Defense Belt Tool --$20
  9. welcome @Ray504! Feel free to start or join any conversations. What are you looking for here?
  10. National Militias recruiting need to avoid posting in each state's areas. Unless you have a state citizen forming a group locally under your banner, stick to posting in the national militia recruiting area. Thank you, MyMilitia staff.
  11. I chat with friends of friends. If they pass muster, I invite them to play with us. They more active and aware they are, they more they get groomed to be part of our team.
  12. Kitchen, has a funnel location behind the hostess stand for targets to present themselves and a likely unused egress out the side. Additionally, most restaurants use metal tables and have shit all over the place, making line of sight on me more difficult and bullet placement against me less accurate.
  13. If you look back into guerrilla warfare over the ages, ammo was scrounged. The warfare continued, and those fighting in it continued to fight. I bring this up to put it into context. Stock piling ammo and reloading ammo is good, but having a plan to acquire more off of your opponents is the norm. When you ambush an opponent, do you just leave their bodies there? Successful ambushes that result in a total kill, you don't. You move through the target party, make sure everyone is dead, and take their equipment, ammunition, and weapons, and move on. If your opponents carry different weapons/ammo than yourself, switch to their weapons. Relying only on your preferred ammo is going to cause you more grief in the long run.
  14. Welcome! Feel free to check out the State threads, the maps, and to browse through and join the conversations here!
  15. Will the 6.8 Remington be what the military uses, or will the military be using a different cartridge?

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