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  1. Whisky 6:  FYI-the Texas National Militia and the United III%'s of Texas are hosting a state-wide FTX at the Hicksville Gun Range (225 Dusty Lane) in Gatesville, Texas.  It will be from Friday-Oct.19, 2018 (1400) until Sunday-Oct. 21, 2018, and the cost is $15.00 for the three days.  The training will be beneficial because it gives Texas militias a chance to work with different groups.   Max

  2. Hi, Dave. It looks like they have a facebook group as well as a group on here. You are welcome to check either one of those out. While you are here, feel free to join in on any conversations or start your own!
  3. Beneath the post is the option to Edit. Right next to the quote option.

  4. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to join in any conversations going on or starting your own! If you put yourself on the member's map, you might find folks in your area. Look at the militia map, too for any groups. If there's not much, feel free to start a group.
  5. Being an Atheist, certainly. Let God, Jesus, YHWH, or any other divinity come and meet. I'll share my best brew of coffee and we'll discuss why I'm sitting there talking with them.
  6. In mainstream Judaism, Jesus isn't even a prophet. YHWH or YWHW is the true name of God. It lacks vowels, lest us mere mortals even think it, we'd be smited by the holy awesomeness of His divine essence.
  7. I have a Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator OWB twin magazine holster and a Right Hand OWB Compact holster. They are new, still in their original packaging. I'm asking for $35.00 and shipping. Price is negotiable.
  8. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to list your group on the maps, and check out the forums. If you want to join a conversation or want to start your own, go for it!
  9. Give it a shot! Worse case scenario, you switch back.
  10. Welcome Aboard! Feel free to join in any conversations or start your own!
  11. Welcome aboard! Feel free to put yourself on the militia member map, and reach out to folks in the Tennessee groups! We have many discussions going on, don't hesitate to jump in and drop comments!
  12. Welcome to the Site! Feel free to browse around and join in on any conversations!
  13. That's awesome! I wish that was video taped!

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