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  1. Antifa takes pictures of attendees and send them across country to others to research.
  2. Where is this info coming from? What are the sources?
  3. Work around is to make chrome or Firefox your default browser. If something implicitly calls IE, it should warn against it.
  4. Depends on what you are looking for. Surplus stores have military gear, sportsman guide is a good place, LA Police Gear too.
  5. Some of us do. What are you asking about?
  6. Welcome all of you. Folks may not be next door neighbors, but having similarly minded individuals nearby at least can be a network of folks to bounce ideas and information off of and through.
  7. I am aware of technicalities, the Digi cams for the Army is still ACU to me. The new ACU cut camo is Multicam to me. I wore the ACUs in combat.
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