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  1. No, I do not believe the government has people who motivate gun owners to do illegal activity, as a matter of routine. At the moment, they're there to monitor what's going on, in case someone does propose illegal, violent activity. Over the years, there have been a number of cases where deranged individuals, loosely associated with the militia movement -- since anyone can join -- have gone on to commit horrific crimes. Timothy McVeigh is the best example. So they want to prevent such things from happening. I can't blame them. Unfortunately, among gun-owners (not necessarily militia members) there are plenty of loud-mouthed hot-air merchants who will post all kinds of crazy stuff -- not that they have the slightest intention of actually doing anything ... it's just a form of political masturbation. During the run-up to the wonderful rally in Virginia last week, all kinds of people were huffing and puffing about 'arresting the legislature' and 'trying the governor for treason'. I doubt any of these bullshitters even bothered to get to Richmond. But they gave the governor the material he needed to justify proclaiming a 'state of emergency' in the capitor. However, we must assume that the government has an informant in every active militia unit. Anyone who has any familiarity at all with history will know that this is how governments operate, And it's how our government has operated in the past, with respect to organizations that it views as 'extreme'. But there are legal limits as to what informants can do, such that any prosecutions hold up in court. The key word is 'entrapment'. If I, as a government agent, say to you, "Let's rob a bank", and you agree ... you have been 'entrapped' and -- if you can prove that you were entrapped -- the prosectution will not stand: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrapment However, the informants know this, and are usually not so stupid as to do outright entrapment. They are more subtle than this, if they do anything beyond simple listening. A good place to understand the way they work is to read about the Ruby Ridge atrocity. Here's the essence of it, from the rather poor Wikipedia account of what happened to him. SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Weaver So you see how they work. I'm working on a document for this website which goes over the history of informants, and what to expect, and how to make sure that any informants in a group -- and every group will have one -- doesn't do any harm. The only thing to make sure of, is that you, AND THE GROUP YOU JOIN, exercise common sense, and don't do anything illegal, and don't say anything that, when played back to an unsmiling jury of Democrat-voting anti-gun feminists, makes it sound like you're planning violence. A good militia group will run background checks on new members, to weed out people with criminal records, as these kinds of people have also caused trouble in the past. If you find yourself talking to a group where the hot-air merchants and bullshitters and conspiracy cuckoos dominate, I'd find another group.
  2. The militia movement has one huge potential weakness. This weakness, this vulnerability, is far greater than any other: because of its very nature -- its quasi-military aspect -- it is vulnerable to penetration by agents provocateurs, people who will urge its members to pass over from prepartion, to 'action'. Even if the 'action' is passive -- like acquiring an automatic weapon, or a 'destructive device' -- then the person who does it is headed for prison. Far worse, the ensuing publicity will discredit the militia movement, and drive people away from it. So we need to know what the law is on things like ,for instance, the length of shotgun barrels. (Buying or selling a weapon with an illegally-shortened barrel is a favorite way of government informants to entrap people. It's how they tried to entrap Randy Weaver, for example. He fell for it, and they thought they had him ... and demanded he become an informant. He refused, and the outcome was dead bodies, including his wife and son.) But I think that now, almost everyone in the militia movement is wise to these tricks, and knows how to stay within the law, and to avoid letting their emotions dictate their speech.
  3. Ah, got it. Like the rest of us, it's your ancestors who did the immigrating. By the way, I don't recommend that Minimanual, especially. It's mainly either common sense, or impossibly fantastic recommendations (like learning to fly!), and, as I said, its author was killed by the Brazillian military not long after he wrote that book. In any case, 'guerilla war', even 'urban guerilla war', is, in my opinion, a very unlikely scenario for the USA. If you're in a militia group where someone is actively advocating preparing for it, I would be very suspicious of them, to be frank. What was, in some cases, successful in mainly-rural, backward, Third world countries, with an unpopular dictatorship -- say Cuba, or China, or Vietnam -- is very unlikely to be of relevance in a largely-urban/suburban democracy like the US. What we face is not 'law and order' carried out by an unpopular dictator, probably, but the breakdown of law and order. We see that on a small scale from time to time in urban riots, or the looting that occurs after natural disasters. So it's just common sense to be prepared.
  4. Alaska???? Sir, I am from Texas!!! The largest state in the union until ..... well, just wait until all that ice melts up there and we'll regain our title. I went to university in New York State and spent a summer in New York City ... but that was over fifty years ago. And a couple of my wives were from there.
  5. The 17th looks like being the day for several 2A rallies in various states. I wonder if we should try to do a YouTube (and other?) blitz announcing it. I would like to hit all the gun forums with announcements (and links to this site) if we have a good excuse.
  6. Hello! What's the situation in your area? Were people cheered up by the big turnout in Virginia? By the way, where I come from, we say "y'all" ... but I thought in New York it was "You'se guys".
  7. We need to have an extended discussion about recruitment, and canvas the ideas of everyone around the country. Wecan all learn from each other.
  8. Welcome. Are you, by any chance, related to the author of The Alchemist? On self-defense, etc. Probably the best place to start is YouTube. If you put 'self-defense' into the Search Bar, you'll get a lot of videos to watch for free. When you get to the US, the best thing to do is to make contact with a local militia, if possible, and go along to a meeting and talk to them. I personally -- but this is just my personal view, not everyone would agree -- think that "guerilla war" in the US is very unlikely. That is, warfare against an organized, intact, professional military. I think if that every happened, we'd all end up like a country man of yours did fifty years ago. (I'm speaking of Carlos Marighella, whose book, MiniManual of the Urban Guerilla, I have just re-read.) If you are immigating to the US and becoming a citizen, the very best way to get military training is to enlist in the National Guard.
  9. There needs to be an authoritative document produced on 'shelf life' of various things. When stored properly, some things have a very long shelf life -- longer than the official lawyer-generated shelf-lives printed on the packaging (which also, conveniently, encourage you to buy more). Other things, not. The American military, I read somewhere, did a study on actual shelf-lives a few years ago and found they were longer than stated. It would be useful if someone did some research on all of this so that we could know for sure. What we're really talking about is chemistry: very slow reactions that turn useful stuff into useless or even deadly stuff. Most chemical reactions require that the reactants be in some sort of solution. And the warmer it is -- up to a point -- the faster reactions occur. So the ideal storage environment is cold and dry. You can get 'dryness' with bags of calcium chloride [https://www.merckmillipore.com/GB/en/products/analytics-sample-prep/analytical-sample-preparation/drying-agents/calcium-chloride/0.Kb.qB.TPkAAAFE8n8fXA47,nav ] , periodically dried out over your stove, with a cobalt chloride mini-bag 'canary' -- this compound is blue when dry but turns pinkish when it absorbs moisture, telling you it's time for a drying-out session [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobalt(II)_chloride]. (Your stored items, not yourself.) Both of these compounds are fairly cheap and lend themselves to make-it-yourself preparation. But I suppose the 'preppers' have worked all this out by now, so it's just a question of looking it up and summarizing it from a 'militia' point of view.
  10. However all this turns out, there is a lesson for militia people: You've got to prepare BEFORE the event. You've got to have the food, ammo, medical supplies, gasoline, respirators, etc. bought and put away safely BEFORE the event. And this goes for skills-acquisition, like getting up to speed on first-aid. This also goes for communications. We all take for granted that our phones will work, the internet will work .... but they may not. Our OUR phones and internet connections may not work, while theirs do. Of course this is obvious to everyone here, but it's a lesson that will have to be repeated to future recruits. On this virus and previous ones and whether they were engineered. It's really a variant of the 'intelligent design' vs 'evolution through mutationand natural selection' argument. Over the centuries -- way way before we had medical/biological labs -- new plagues and diseases would appear, and wipe out a section of the population. Who 'engineered' those? The answer: Mother Nature. Each new generation of organisms -- from people to viruses -- will have a few individuals with radical changes in their structure, caused by any one of a variety of things: radiation from the naturally-radioactive materials around you, from cosmic rays, from heat. Most mutations are lethal. But some aren't. If they give the organism a better chance of reproducing itself, compared to its siblings, it will pass on more descendants (with its characteristics). It's like this: suppose I bring home a target with several hits near the bull's eye. They could have been made in two ways: ---(1) my careful aimed shots. This is 'engineering'. ---(2) I could have just pointed my weapon downrange and emptied magazine after magazine. Some rounds will impact near or in the bull's eye. This is blind Mother Nature. I don't think the "it's engineered" argument is entirely crazy, by the way, by any means. It could be a combination of deliberate development AND accident. There are no doubt several biological warfare labs around the world, working on produce new horrors. Certainly the Chinese will have one or more. In fact, a quick Googling produces this: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/24/virus-hit-wuhan-has-two-laboratories-linked-chines/ And this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/virus-biological-us-army-weapons-fort-detrick-leak-ebola-anthrax-smallpox-ricin-a9042641.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverdlovsk_anthrax_leak So there you go ... The Chinese, American and Russian governments, all working away at stuff that could wipe out all human life on earth. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. My view is this is just another natural outbreak, like SARSs or Bird Flu was. There will be a few deaths and that will be it. Of course I could be wrong, and the point is: it costs very little to prepare: you can buy a ten-pack of N100 or FP3 valved respirators for under $20, you can stock up on a couple of months of beans and rice etc for a hundred bucks (and then eat your way through them), same for water. If you have to go out, as most of us do, you need to remember to wash your hands when you come back. And of course owning a couple of serious weapons and a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition and being part of an organized group is just common sense. But we'll see in two or three months what happens. Here's what I worry about: it's the little boy who cried wolf! We don't want to get the reputation of being a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists who are always predicting the end of the world. I know Alex Jones does this and makes a good living from it, but it actually hurts our movement to have that sort of reputation. So ... let's take reasonable precautions, without trying to guess the future. No one knows the future, but we can be prepared for anything and we should be.
  12. I'm not fond of Bill Gates, but I really can't see him deliberately cooking up a virus to kill millions of people.
  13. Yes, it's not the case that in EVERY situation of a 'modern military' vs 'local irregular forces/guerillas', that the modern military will win. Here are the circumstances in which the modern military has severe disadvantages: (1) It's made up of foreigners, and the people it's fighting are natives: The Americans in Vietnam, the Russians in Afghanistan, the Americans in Afghanistan (soon) and Iraq, the Americans in Russia (after WWI). (If the country is split into different ethnic/religious tribes, and only one side is fighting the modern military, then conditions are better for it: the 'Emergency' in Malaysia saw the British defeat a Chinese irregular force, but it was a minority among the Malaysian population.) (2) The guerillias/irregulars have a border they can sneak back and forth across, getting a safe haven on the other side: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq. (3) The guerillas/irregulars have the support of a modern power which can supply them with weapons and ammunition - Stingers to the Islamists in Afghanistan, for example. (4) The modern military is the military of a liberal democracy, which puts limits on the amount of indiscriminate frightfulness its military is allowed to use on unco operative locals. The Russians don't have this problem. A brave Russian woman reporter who exposed Russian atrocities in retaking Chechnya was simply murdered. Attempts to sustain guerilla operations against the Soviets in occupied Eastern Europe after WWII never got anywhere in the face of Soviet ruthlessness -- nor did the Hungarian uprising in 1956 succeed, despite having widespread popular support. I can't see any of the circumstances which lead to a 'guerilla' victory applying to the US in the future. We are more likely to be in a situation like the 'guerillas' were in Latin America in the 70s : some support among a minority of the population, even a large minority, but opposition or at least non-support from the majority; plus an intact military. It's interesting to read about some of the most daring and successful guerillas, like the Monteneros in Argentina -- they managed to kill hundreds of polticians, policemen, soldiers and to rob banks ... then the military said, 'enough', make a coup and wiped them out totally ... plus thousands of other people whose crime was just to be leftwing. Similar things happened in Uruguay, Boliva (Che!), Chile, Brazil. The FARC has managed to hold territory in Columbia for decades, but I think they're more of a drug cartel than a guerilla force. (Although to be honest I don't know much about them.) The Naxalites in India have been a nuisiance for decades. Cuba and Nicaragua are examples of where the ruling government was pretty widely hated by the population, and the guerillas were natives. It's just barely conceivable that we could have such a situation in the US -- in which case I would expect the miltiary to disintegrate, with part coming over to us, as happened in the Russian Revolution. But in the US, the Left is becoming the majority. So ... I don't think we should kid ourselves about the ability of even a militia movement that was ten times as large as it is now, being able to take on the US military, assuming its officers remain loyal to the government. BUT -- the main thing I want to say is this: you have invaluable experience which cannot be bought for money and which no book can teach. People like you are the gold dust of the militia movement, and we need to find a way for you to be able to transmit to everyone else the lessons you learned in actual combat. We all need to think about how to do that.
  14. Sad. Lefty men are often cucks, as the new vocabulary has it. Weedy and feminized. So some fellow who has been fighting with the Taliban probably looks attractive to Leftist women. He probably doesn't have quite the right politically-correct opinions about transgenderism etc but women often believe that they can improve their men. I don't know what's been happening in Finland, but if their men are becoming de-masculinized, that's a shame... these guys fought the Russians to a standstill about 80 years ago. Aren't there any like that left?
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