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  1. Why did you ignore my offer to be a spy?

  2. This shows yet another reason that Conspiracy Theory weakens the movement. It yields the wrong analysis, the idea that there is an all-powerful Conspiracy -- a small group of men, plus Hillary, plus Satan, who 'control everything'. That is wrong. It's Sun-goes-Around-the-Earth thinking ... an easy assumption because it looks that way. But it's not that way. There are deep contradictions and splits and conflicts among the other side. And also wrong is the automatic assumption that most policemen see us and ISIS as the same. It IS true that there is prejudice against the militi
  3. 1. Please please please .... count to ten -- in Chinese, go get a dictionary -- before you say anything that could get another brother (or sister) here angry. We are all on the same team. 2. We are in a new world here. It's not fire-and-maneuver, it's not make-out-your-range-card ... it's not ordinary politics either. It's very possibly pre-civil war politics , but if so that's a ways off. 3. It's not 1960s Burn-baby-burn riots either, which I lived through. Those were spontaneous, with little political content. The Black Panthers and Weatherman came after them.
  4. This is the kind of stuff, translated into the environment that the miliitia finds itself in, that we need to know. I'm starting a thread on Fourth of July Militia vs AntiFa considerations, based on a Private Message exchange with someone who is going with his militia group to Mt Rushmore. You will recognize that this is a civilian talking when I lay out what I think they should be thinking about ... and I would appreciate your comments.
  5. There is a concept in Operations Research and similar areas, called "mini-maxing". It means trying to take the path of decision-consequence -decision etc that will result in the lowest loss when your opponent does everything right. You minimize your maximum loss. I think that applies here -- with the qualifications that you and @MiguelCepeda pointed out were needed to make it more realistic -- that's what I would go with too. Always get the bad news first. Don't shun the bad news. I think history, and especially military history, is full of examples of commanders
  6. I'm not proposing a one-on-one chat or argument at a demonstration... there are lots of good reasons not to do that. I'm proposing an Open Letter -- a picnic at which our people meet your people and we talk about our political differences. It's judo. They say we're Nazis. Nazis don't do this sort of thing. When our member Duncan Lemp was murdered by a police SWAT team in Maryland two months ago, I immediately sent a letter to the leaderships of the Socialist Rifle Association and the Redneck Revolt group, who are pro 2A, and pay lipservice to the idea of 'workers sol
  7. I basically agree with you. The old liberal/left who believed in free speech, has largely been absorbed by The Thing. Some of them remain, but they are all old people. The kids are getting their kicks shouting people down and breaking windows. And note: send them this public letter -- even send it to the local papers as a Press Release -- and then if they reject talking to us ... we have won a propaganda victory in the eyes of Mr and Mrs Middle America. And we may have raised some doubts about our evil-Nazi-ness among some of their members. But you're right ... m
  8. A very thoughtful answer. Yes ... the bad news could be, "Christmas leave will be two days shorter than normal", and the good news could be, "You're being sent a full division of re-inforcements who will arrive by tomorrow night, so you don't have to abandon your positions and pull back." So I should have said, they are both of roughly equal import.
  9. Whoa ... hadn't thought of that. Say they both have the same date of origin, same priority level. No other information about them is known.
  10. Rather than preparing 90 years ago? In any case, it would be very useful to be able to link up either to a living group, or to individuals who were involved in this. If anyone wants to get involved, please contact me, but .... note that an organization with a somewhat similar mission, the Western Goals Foundation [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Goals_Foundation] succumbed to the result of, evidently, bad judgement by getting mixed up in Iran/Contra. And its leader succumbed to a Soviet air-to-air missile which shot down the airliner he was flying
  11. Hypothetical situation: You are a military commander in a future war. You are alerted to two important messages pending transmission via the quantum-termporal store-and-forward 4D node matrix. For technical reasons, one message can be transmitted immediately. The second one will take up to two days to make its way to you. All you know is that one message contains good news, the other, bad. You can choose which message to get right away. The other will be delayed by up to two days. Which do you choose, and why?
  12. If we had a President as intelligent and amoral as Richard Nixon, these riots would be a huge opportunity to deal a serious blow to the Democrats. I don't see that happening now. All the opinon polls put Biden ahead. We know they are not infallible and sixteen weeks is a long time in politics, so we have to keep working on registering voters and explaining that the alternative to Trump is not JFK or even Bill Clinton, but a party that cannot stand up to AntiFa and BLM. But we must prepare for defeat in November as well and be ready for a legal assault on the militia movement
  13. Why don't patriots who are within an hour's drive of Gettysburg just move their July 4th Celebrations to Gettysburg this year? So that there is an overwhelming crowd there -- so whether or not AntiFa show up -- which I doubt will happen -- there will be a large crowd, which will build morale. It would also allow militia people from a 7500 square mile area to come together and meet each other. I hope our leaflet gets distributed there, whatever happens.
  14. There are certainly patterns in human history, because humans today are biologically the same as humans thousands of years ago. So to the extent that our biology -- for example, the tendency to impulsive behavior, the desire to replicate our genes --- has not changed, we are like our distant ancestors. That's why you can read the Bible, a book consisting of writing from 2 to 3000 years old, and still find profound wisdom there. But ... because humans, like all animals, don't want to expend energy unecessarily, they figure our better and easier ways to earn their da
  15. It would be truly wonderful if AntiFa were insane enough to actually attack ordinary Fourth of July rallies and celebrations. But I don't believe it for one second. I suppose that it's just barely possible that some group of far-sighted patriots, with a few million dollars at their disposal, foresaw the future 20 years ago, and organized some serious deep penetration of the Left -- by recruiting a couple of hundred patriotic college students without a visible conservative past, training them in how to pretend to be a radical, and sending them as 'sleepers' into Black Bloc an

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