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    Yes but the virus particles hitchhike on moist globules that are larger and mostly blocked by the n95 mask.  If the virus just floated in the air by itself which it doesn't, then an N95 mask wouldn't be very effective but since they have to hitch a ride on larger particles the n95 mask is actually very effective in preventing transmission of the virus in or out.  Nothing is 100 percent effective other than a self contained sterile air system.  Still the pandemic is all a contrived cooking the numbers books to facilitate control of people through national health means.
  2. 'Merica
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    Sorry, but this is total and complete B.S.
    Gates, like everyone who cares about Africa, knows that a country where the average woman has eight children, is in trouble.  (There used to be great fear about world population growth, but due to the advance of capitalism and science, once a country gets a reasonable level of civilization, women stop having lots of babies. In fact, UNDER-population is now going to be problem in the civilized countries.)
    Why do they have eight children? Ignorance, lack of access to birth control, the fact that half or more of them will die before they reach adulthood.  The same conditions that affected our ancestors, in fact, before the Enlightenment, Science, and Capitalism. To be sure of getting one or two, you have eight, and maybe four or five will live.
    So ... provide elementary health care to their children, so that, as in the more advanced countries, you can be sure that your children will live ... and women stop being baby machines. This has happened EVERYWHERE, where women get emancipated.  Even in Iran.
    Why vaccines? Because vaccination protects us from disease!!!!  Dear God, are we going back to the 14th Century now????  Smallpox, polio, typhoid fever ... these diseases have been eradicated in advanced countries, because of vaccination!!!   Not because of sacrifices to the Moon God or preparations from Eye of Newt.  SCIENCE!!!!
    So vaccinate their kids, lower the childhood mortality rate, and they will get a more sustainable population growth.
    But ... for all those people who don't believe in vaccination, be my guest: when the vaccination for the Chinese Communist Virus is developed, by all means, don't get vaccinated.  I will nominate each of you for a Darwin Award. 
    But I would rather it were the case that you could convince AntiFa not to get vaccinated, and not to use modern medical care facilities at all: rely on chants, witch doctors, sacrifices to the spirits, and herbs.

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