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  1. Whit

    Hey, I picked you randomly but I would really like some help. I live in Missouri and a I want to learn about militias because I think I should join one....maybe.

  2. How do I join AL' s Militia?

  3. Welcome the site as well.
  4. By the way, we are; Alabama Task Force 22nd I.S.U. 1st Squadron
  5. Col. Frost, if you are interested in training, to be active, then contact me about joining my unit. We are out of Huntsville but train in Guntersville Alabama.
  6. I want these flags. Come on man, I got the luck of toilet paper with shit on it that won't flush.
  7. Welcome to the movement & site.
  8. Welcome aboard & I agree with you.
  9. http://ktpd614.wix.com/22ndisu We are a unit comprised of passion & desire to serve our nation when others fail to do so. We are a unit that prides itself with honor for the greater good. We are a unit that will defend & fight against all evil that may place our nation, our constitution & our people in danger. We are a unit that will never flee or back down from tyranny. We are a unit that strongly defies all odds & never gives in to pressures of our enemy. Unit was birthed in Nothern portion of Huntsville Alabama on November 12th 2015. We conduct our training at a discreet location, located in Marshall County. Please use the contact area to gain more info about joining our unit. As a 22nd Infantry Strike Unit member, you will be a brother & you will never be left behind.
  10. I don't like it but whatever. I suppose if it "speeds" up the site then so be it.

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