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  1. I was incredibly affected by a gruesome murder . The victim was a woman . I was called to the site to offer first aide. This was the defining moment in my life . I realized the evil in men’s hearts and the fearless, cruel , brazen act . It was time to prepare , pray and protect. I became a sheepdog . This is the condition the world is in . This has corrupted our beloved nation . Lord Jesus. Your kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen
  2. Well life is so grand , and with all the things I have done , I would like to do it over again . Just like my favorite ride at the fair . There is just one life to live and I love all my travels , my companions, and my patriot brothers at arms .
  3. Keep your spirits up young blood . Getting older comes sooner than you think . Your old enough to join the military maybe that might be a good opportunity for you. It was for me and my kid .
  4. Texas State Militia , we are active there.Your in luck because they are a fine bunch of patriots. You can locate TSM . Online and on this platform . Expect a background check a informal call followed with a meet and greet.
  5. Big Wes , I have met Houston . Darn good folks . Love them !
  6. The terrible sin of omission! To have the knowledge and ability to effect change and only to abstain from acting upon it or refraining from speaking out to condemn what you know that is wrong . That is the very thing that has been the ruin of many nations and men. We must speak out we must not remain in the background silent . I agree ,whole heartedly. We must inform the citizens of our nation as to the evils of the communist and socialist idiom ! We must be proactive and use every legal avenue to effect a quickening in the hearts and minds of this generation and that of our elected officials. The new world order , and globalism ,have become a very real threat to our civilization .To our nation ,and to the freedoms, that we enjoy. We still have time but haven’t any to spare. I agree brother . I’m with you . Your spot on ! What ideas have you on how to make our voices heard ? Clearly ,we have been deprived of rallying the right . I haven’t seen any clear single issue that would aline us as a singularly cohesive right. Socialism and communism can’t coexist with our nation fading into obscurity.
  7. Regulating how your bare arms is unconstitutional. It’s only because they can keep you in the courts for ever that they get away with their tyranny. Corporations that try to control us should suffer at the monetary level . Boycott!
  8. SIr , the Bible says we already won! I’m proud to be counted one of you. I’m ensuring that it’s clear ,America is a lighthouse to the world .Our constitution is the second best document written in human history after the Bible. Our forefathers were geniuses, revolutionaries , god fearing, good Christian men. Their work their sacrifice and their foresight build a model of government that formed the best nation ,of the mightiest people, in the world . All this ,in just a couple hundred years.Our nation will be protected by “We The People “ to the last patriot. ‘‘This is the , “Land of the free and home of the brave” . I believe this with all my heart and with all my soul . I’m with you minute man , patriot . God bless you Rev. God bless TSM, and ,viva Texas ! 111%
  9. Hello MC . What a great time . Your birthday is coming up soon. 

  10. Hello sir , I’m here now . I’m glad this is a place to chat . Thank you for all the great opportunities and for your selfless service.

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