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  1. First we need to use our minds, knowledge and be in numbers, not one on one, we have made some headway, but then, lost some, I'm not wanting to take a life, but I will if I have to, I was trained for that in the army, this can only happen as a last resort
  2. This is why I put this out, I wanted to get more information and how we, legally can fight the corruption, and stop there agenda
  3. Word was it was antifa posing as a patriot, trying to get us divided, I'm between Nashville and Memphis, but that's the way I was told
  4. I truly believe that we are, once it happens, the Democrats can declare and force Martial Law, at which point, they will attempt to destroy us ( door to door gun confiscation, put in jail or killed, at the same time it's my opinion that, Russia and Japan will attack the United States , that's going to bring the UN, , but by that time I'll probably be in a pile of spent Brass God be with us
  5. Patriot III % Nation 731 checking in Patriot III %Nation is recruiting This was sent by a great brother, a true patriot DHS officer
  6. This was a interesting view,  sent to me by a really close brother who is a DHS officer 

    A true patriot 


  7. This page is for UNITY, No disrespect tolerated, post news, events, and teach and learn from others, Please join us in the fight against tyranny and corruptionnatural healing secretsnatural healing secretsthe right to fight against a illegal arrestTennessee constitution PersonalDefenseSecrets.pdf
  8. Patriot III%Nation Christian patriot III%group, promoting, God, family values, and supporting the constitution, No disrespect tolerated by anyone
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/268039950583380/




    Please join us in trying to unite all patriot people together sharing news, events, and files

    Nation wide

    Thank you General Bold

  10. Roland Bold

    Roland Bold

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