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  1. Middle Tennessee, Carroll County, Any people in this area please PM me, or, call me Looking forward to getting this area of Tennessee started, and meeting with everyone, , Ex army veteran, special forces sniper, 101 airborne, Desert Storm, special operations, Afghanistan, sniper, E-8, when honorably discharged
  2. I'm in Hollow Rock Tennessee, Carroll County
  3. I'm in central/west Tennessee, Carroll County , can't go that far right now, I would on the other hand like to have one in my area, is anyone doing this in my area? ,if so please don't hesitate to call me with the details @ ,
  4. Real Patriots need APPLY only,  keyboard warriors not wanted

  5. 731 Tennessee 

    recruiting patriot groups, people,  no time to loose 

    contact me on Wimkin, Roland Hatten, 

  6. Hollow Rock Tennessee (731)

    Patriot III % Nation,  checking in,  hi yall 

  7. Carroll County Tennessee checking in, I'm asking for support on July 15 in Huntington Tennessee court house Justice for Vickie, She was once again charged with false charges. this is the third time in 4 years, crooked judge and some deputies. Judge Larry Logan must be put in his place, please stand with us against police and court corruption Thank you God bless Contact Roland Hatten at 731-793-2810
  8. Patriot III %, Nation in Carroll County Tennessee is recruiting

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