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  2. Carroll County Tennessee checking in, I'm asking for support on July 15 in Huntington Tennessee court house Justice for Vickie, She was once again charged with false charges. this is the third time in 4 years, crooked judge and some deputies. Judge Larry Logan must be put in his place, please stand with us against police and court corruption Thank you God bless Contact Roland Hatten at 731-793-2810
  3. Patriot III %, Nation in Carroll County Tennessee is recruiting
  4. This is just part of the agenda, the virus failed to do what they wanted, and they had to come up with something else, ( division, lawless activity, all a ploy to boot our president out, , this is just a start, wait till he gets re elected
  5. China owns a lot of real estate in the United States, and around the world, in my opinion that makes China a real threat
  6. I truly believe that the Democrats are trying to get us into a civil war, this way they can deploy the UN troops in the United states and begin door to door Gun confiscation,end our constitution, force our president out of office and bring in the New world order
  7. It's our duty when America is ran by a tyrannical government, if we don't who will????
  8. If been out for a moment, I actually joined in September, Roland Bold, Patriot III% Nation I have had a lot going on, I'm a member of USCCA, I will be getting my handgun instructors license soon and will be holding classes, I'm ex military sniper, 9 years of service, Desert storm, Afganistan combat vet How yall doing? My email address is [email protected] Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/268039950583380/?ref=share
  9. Hi y'all, this is Roland Bold ( Roland Hatten) , I have been away for a moment, but I'm back now, have had a lot going on, Just a word of encouragement, This is a hard road and only the stong can travel it, Stay brave Stay vigilant Never give up GOD BLESS YOU ALL
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