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  1. tom Kidon, moving to Maine August 1 .2018 Coast Guard vet. Train with the Rangers handbook.Looking to train with a group of like-minded brothers. Our Country is at a tipping point.Won't say any more online.I am a senior patriot.
  2. we need to be vigilant and keep the president's feet to the fire and the politicians in Washington we want this country cleaned out of illegal aliens.We want a wall and a complete stop of 3 rd world peoples into our beloved country.I am tired of what they have done to our country.We speak English not Spanish.
  3. getting ready to move to the free state of maine full time

  4. a happy new year getting ready to move to Maine on July 18 cant wait maybe in china area
  5. tom kilo

    Watering My Antifas

    [B]finally they are being reported to be a Terrorist Org.[/B]
  6. wching what is happening on tv ,and being told not to fight back or dont fire the first shot is hard to swallow when you see ur values,rights and belief s crushed.Just saying.
  7. coming to make maine my home will be there in the late spring.Leaving the peoples republic of new jersey.Love the freedom I feel when we are there.Will join up when we put our roots down.thanks tom kilo
  8. cant wait to meet and train my brothers in maine,veteran of coast guard,helo creman and survival instructor.
  9. getting ready to move to the free state of maine full time


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