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  1. Hi. And welcome. I am also new. I am right now based in London working as an academic writer and researcher.
  2. Great post. Very informative. Thanks a lot. And my favourite is M24A2
  3. I don’t know where you live, however where I am there are several different groups in chage of plowing roads. For example the state roads in our town are plowed by the state, but all other roads are the township’s responsibility. Often the township roads are cleared in a more responsive manner than the sate roads, even though the state roads are the main thoroughfares. So I couldn’t see anyone funneling people to specific spots here.Anywhere I’ve lived there there have been multiple agencies involved in snow removal, state, county, town and trust me they don’t always communicate well – case in point was the recent Buffalo storm in Nov, one of the biggest issues in getting the area dug out was the lack of communication among all the groups.
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