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  1. Welcome to all.... The 'New Mexico Civil Guard' and the Texas State Militia' is having a joint training exercise , on sat May 23rd,

    12 miles southwest of Vado N.M. All are welcome Some are overnight so it can be two day event.

    Please message me for details or questions.

  2. Hey Lonestar, I would like to meetup next time I am in el paso.

  3. Any groups in the El Paso area. I'm interested in some training opportunities and meeting some likeminded people. I'm NOT interested in ANY racist activity or Border monitoring type activity.

    Army Combat Medic


    I have ZERO tolerance for ANY racist activity. I simply am a strong believer in the Constitution as it stands and the foundational truths that make America great. I believe it is important to have likeminded men and woman with a desire to be prepared to defend against tyranny.

  5. USMC Recon Marine Army Combat Medic OEF/OIF Combat Veteran El Paso TX Concerned Citizen, Patriot and strong believer in the Constitution being the foundation for the survival of this Country. I have Zero tolerance for ANY racist activity and just have a strong belief I need to be mentally , physically and spiritually prepared to defend myself, my family, my Country(as long as it does not turn on itself) and the American way of life for all people who do not desire our destruction or oppression.
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