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  1. People hide behind made up names hoping to protect themselves from big brother . Let me assure you big brother knows who you are. Better to be like John Hancock and let them know you have no fear .

    1. fixer


      It is common to use an online alias , i have always used one... not because i fear the government just seems like a prudent thing to do online

  2. I’m a firm believer in God , Family ,the Constitution in that order.

    I'm the man behind the scene who makes things happen. It’s not smart just to have knowledge and skills . One must also have the utilities to continue practicing those skills to maintain that knowledge. Stockpiling water and groceries is a good first step but one should have a garden and a renewable water source as well. This way of thinking is why I own and use so many primitive tools and skills , such as . My black smithing forges and tools , wood working planes , saws , sawmill , timber framing tools and so on. I have a network of neighbors who are likeminded. We must inform others less they become dependent on us during hard times.

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