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  1. You'd be amazed at how much stuff has evolved. Combat medicine I learned in 2008 is now completely obsolete in some aspects. Medicine is a muscle, you have to use it or you lose it.
  2. I follow Joe Fox and watch his vids. Unfortunately I see this mostly as an ad for his buddies. Maybe it's just me being a salty old medic but I dislike any pre-made IFAK. Anticipate your needs, make your own. If unsure, jump in the forums and ask a dude like me or the thousands of other tactical EMTs and combat medics that are on gun boards. You'll be much happier.
  3. When gauze is so effective and cheap, why bother?
  4. Hello, Looks like a cool site here! I joined because I enjoy forums and discussions. I'm a prepper and not actively looking for a militia to join but support the concept and cause. My main interests are in firearms and medicine. I was a combat medic for 12 years, keep up my EMT certification, and have taken courses in Wilderness Medicine. I keep tabs on things like the SOF medical blogs and papers, the Prolonged Fieldcare Group, and the Austere medical community. Always figured if the boogaloo happened I'd start a field hospital for folks who couldn't rely on traditional medical avenues. Looking to swap knowledge and have exhaustive "what if?" conversations. If anyone is in the St Louis area feel free to hit me up. I teach combat medicine for beer. Shout out to Raven Tactical's YouTube channel for bringing me here.
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