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  1. Also keep in mind of not becoming someone human shield. Make should in a winter event this happens conceal as much of you gear as you or you deem not the most critical at that time under you coat where it will be less likely to be seen
  2. This has been raised multiple times with the groups I work with. To fight and hold the ground or building where you are currently at or a retreat to a location the group has picked out. While at the time of decision on it. Both group were for both for fight and or flight. It came to a more of a retreat to regroup fight as needed. With both side agreeing on the city area from the center of the city at a 20 mile diameter. Was a get out of zone. Due to the choas of stores being looted and the fighting. The first step was to go as far in a vechile making being on foot the second option. Gearing up as fast as you can while covering. Creating a funnel path for enemy to go through or a moving circle path in the group where the 360 degrees around the group in broken into quarters. While considering the amount of ammo being carried. The least amount of spotlight on the group moving though the streets. Used building to move though the streets If at all possible to get off the street to make you way out of the city. Such as bike trails and hiking trails.
  3. YouTube America's streets of shame by William mount 

  4. For everyone is not aware. I use gurellia tactic in all my shtf planning. Which mean hit and hide and repeat. That's why has anyone ever thought about what would happen if chaos meets you. So my game plan is I use is a map broken of a 50 mile diameter of my area where my supply drops are. Yet I have a second clear sheet with the locations dotted on it. Where you'll need a dark light to match the map with the correct clear sheet. With a marker in the location that matches the marker on the clear sheet for true location. Which each marker is for ammo food medical and water and etc supplies
  5. They openly said they were out to take firearms from law abiding citizens
  6. The tolier paper vs baby wipes. Both can be used for clean up on number two. While the wipes hold more uses then tp. The weight difference. Will make tp the better choice if you take it out of roll form and turn it to a box form to allow more in the storage in a ziplock bag. While a small bag of wipe will come in handy for a wipe down when bathing is in a hard time or cold weather. Make sure the wipes are in a resealable container. Now to the socks and underwear. I carry three pairs of both in a ziplock bag. So I can change every few days. As I get to the last pair I will get a little zote bar soap in water and wash them and hang them up in a space blanket to help catch heat off the fire and speed up the drying time. 

  7. I got groups I work with but I have been busy hiding food water toilet paper. Medicine
  8. No man just been get area ready to live in
  9. I use led they work great if you get the right lumens
  10. If you cant build a rise platform shelter that can hide your fire and keep you and your gear dry and warm. You sir need to start practicing your skills

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