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    Do you hold meetings?  If so, I would like to attend.

  2. True story here. About 25 years ago a young girl from a liberal family was bored and looking for something to so one Saturday. So this guy that she just met that happened to come from a conservative marine corp. family asked her to keep an open mind and join him for the day out on this field. Little did she know it was a shooting range. But after the initial shock wore off, and to say she at least did it, she went ahead and let the guy teach her how to handle a rifle and then a pistol. She started off with some .22LR's then moved up to a .556mm then wanted to try the "bigger looking stuff". If only she knew at the time that everything that she was enjoying and having fun shooting was what some people would consider an assault weapon. So needless to say she realized that target shooting is ok and guns are ok for that, and kind of ok for hunting now since she did get hit by a deer not to long after this discovery. So now we have been married for 20 plus years, and you know damn well when ever there is ever any mention of any new gun laws being put on the books I seem to think back to this day and laugh. And yes it gets brought up along with the fact that our daughters first deer was with a Bushmaster. Sorry I just had to share this when I saw this post up here, just too funny.
  3. This is what happens when idiots that don't know guns write laws pertaining to them. If they would of used a little common sense one could argue that it should be illegal to sell a firearm without some sort of sound suppression device so as to not damage the shooters hearing or annoy others. Just my opinion.
  4. It's not worth it. A true suppressor is easy to build, key is to build it so you can service it. Either by replaceable baffles, cartridge's or even water. Anything to block or slow down the gases escaping the muzzle. But step one of course is getting a design together then getting NFA approval for it and paying your tax stamp. The cost in buying one already done is mostly in the r&d work. There are a few companies out there that are pretty reasonable and walk you thru the paperwork. Keep in mind the part that sucks is let's say you have one, then have enough parts laying around to service it that could be easily used to rig up another one you would be in violation of federal law unless you had a 2nd tax stamp or your SOT. Then let's say you scrapped it, even more paperwork not to mention, and I may be wrong here but I'm pretty sure if your not a dealer you still fall under the same guidelines that it must be kept locked up in a safe at all times and BATF can and will come by and inspect it and the safe anytime they want without any notice. So my advice is before spending much time check out the BATF website under NFA laws. I'm a class 7 so they are a little different with me but with NFA items it's pretty much the same across the board. Better safe then sorry. But a decent disposable solvent trap I have read about was made by WIX, part number 24003.
  5. Todd, about your comment on Newtown with regards to the various reports from the same people I have an opinion on that. For starters I generally don't buy into the conspiracy theories but let's admit it, there is just so much that don't make sense with what happened and the events that were going on at the same time in the area that you have to take a step back and think especially with so much evidence pointing to so many different theories. But bottom line is we are talking about teachers and students mostly that have just gone thru the most traumatic event they have and or will ever go thru so I can see how the story can change. The way anyone's brain works is once they go thru something like that, and start to recall and relive it, then hear someone else from another perspective parts of their story may get embellished or dropped or even made up. It's the brains way of coping with something like that. I believe its part of PTSD, no expert on it but I have done a lot of reading on things like this. Not by any means am I making light of what happened or making excuses for people that are just plain out lying thru their teeth, I just feel that the average person isn't prepared to deal with anything like this so to me it would only make sense that reports would change. But no matter what anyone believes I don't think anyone could argue that whoever would do or even think of shooting up a school has got some really big problems and I don't know if anything could of been done to prevent it. Let's say you had a armed guard at every access point to the school, the shooter would of just picked a different target if it became too hard. So I think the biggest question is what you already asked. Why is this happening? This kind of thing never happened like it is now say 20 years ago so what's changed? Gun laws have only increased, mental health is something they are taking more seriously now. Was mental health less of a concern say 20-40 years ago? Were we more sane as people? What do you think?
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