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  1. When is everyone meeting up? looking to get with militias in my area as well. I’m in Madison county close to the Haywood line.
  2. I live in Hot Springs NC. Im willing to train, Ive started the WNCDM which is the Western North Carolina Defense Militia. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m trying to move within the next year or so but if there were enough serious people that actually want to get together and train then I’m all in. We all need to find a state or national park half way between us all that we can use as training grounds. We can use shooting ranges for target practice and if at all possible maybe use Airsoft or paintball as squad tactics. For non shooting activity we could use the parks. We could focus on wilderness survival, first aid, structure building, land navigation, communications, etc. If ya’ll like the idea let me know maybe we can all work something out.
  3. I think people are afraid. I for one am done worrying. If I am to be attacked for being a patriot who wants nothing but good for his country, who would lay down his life for his fellow man/woman then so be it. It will be my battle of a lifetime. You may just have to find people near you of the same mentality and start your own. Good luck! I haven’t had any luck of finding local people in my area but I am moving soon so when I finally settle down in my forever house then I will put more effort into starting one.
  4. Over here in Hot Springs NC, checking in for Roll call. I started a militia here but there isn’t enough people in this area and my wife and I are thinking of moving this year. Hopefully wherever we move to will have better potential for everything we want including a kick ass militia. Stay frost friends and God bless you all this new year!
  5. Hello 

    I’m looking for fellow patriots to train with. I live in Hot Springs NC. 


  6. Good morning everyone, my name is Matt Benecke. I live in Hot Springs NC and have been looking to join the militia locally for some time now. I have some military and prior militia experience. (US Army) (GA Militia). If y’all could help me find local militia to join and train with I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Matt Benecke
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