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  1. Whenever you're ready to get moving or at least ready to be introduced to each other I am here standing by.

  2. Maybe a meet in manchester at the range. At least we'd get to know eachother and spend some range time to boot
  3. LT is a solid hour away easily. I think we could get. together near mid point if he wants
  4. Alright folks, I'm out in jaffrey. Anyone near interested in meeting up to get this party started? And no I'm not a leader
  5. As am i, i just don't see any militia in nh or near Jaffrey. Though ill hang in there for a bit longer then a month
  6. Hey folks, 58 yr old us army vet looking for a group in sw nh. I'm in jaffrey area
  7. Bob Farewell

    Bob Farewell

  8. I'm bob, 57 yr old vet living in nh. Looking for contacts nearby who i can trust.
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