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  1. New here as I've been wandering the site on occasion.  Posted a DD214 but was informed I should've deleted my SSN...  Served in US Army from 1968 to 2001 33.5 years.  Began as Counterintelligence Coordinator, then went to Jump School when in Vietnam at the end of 1st Tour, then reassigned from 173d Airborne to 5th SF Group where I became an Intelligence Sergeant (11F) and back to a Coordinator til my 1st enlistment was up Aug 1968... went into a hospital unit, then left.  Wouldn't let me do my job; transferred to Co C, 3d Bn, 12th SF Group til 1980 and returned full time Active Dy as a medic in 7th SF Group, later became a SERE instructor, then assigned to Special Operation Medical Sergeants Course, and then went to PA School... Now primarily an Ortho PA and licensed in Texas...live in New Braunfels and mostly recovered from 2 Back surgeries.


    Would very much like an assist with this site...67% done but won't accept my Branch of Service.  301-580-4077, Begin with text please.  Hard of hearing.

    PA LICENSE TEXAS EXP 28 Feb 22.pdf

  2. There are so many sites here, and not enough info to discern on which to message.  Truly confusing for a vet who has previously asked (many times) for computer training, and then advised to 'not worry about it', and continue to see patients... Frustrating.  


    Open to any suggestions.  If you give me a site, I'd need to know WHERE to go to try and get assigned to a unit, and begin interacting with them on a positive basis.  Thank you.   BoneDoc

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      Hey Doc, go to the Texas state network page and click some groups that appeal to ya , then send them a message that your interested in joining. some will respond some dont ....But a group Im with is TSM Texas State Militia, I think they have a group in your area.

      Texas page here..




    2. BoneDoc


      Dav Harzin,  I finally found my way here, but the site won't let me finish my profile - sez I'm @ 67%...can't seem to get the site to accept my Army background.  I joints the 830 militia today... whoops I may have signed up for the wrong one.  May have signed up with the 803... my bad.

      Thanks for your reply.  

  3. I live in New Braunfels, not too far north of San Antonio (a well esconced haven for liberal trash). I'd love to know where about in this general area we could meet and/or set up some training. I'm a retired Captain, US Army, but spent most of my 33.5 years enlisted, and in Spec Ops. Please let me know what y'all have goin' on. Thanks and have a great day. RICH HARVEY
  4. Thanks, Mr. Adair. This site is not too friendly with old turds like me, fighting to gain an understanding of this site. BoneDoc
  5. Hey There, This is BoneDoc, I'm an Ortho PA, have been retired from the Army since Aug 2001, formerly in Special Opns. I'd love to know where we can meet up, train, and better ourselves. My DD 214 is attached. Hope to hear something. DD-214.pdf
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