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  1. Do you have any sites which may be more secure than FascistBook? BoneDoc
  2. That would be improbable... The question is 'to start over'.... This implies no awareness of what you've been, done, nor the knowledge accumulated up until the point of starting over. Even though I'm 69 years of age, I've done what and how I want. Having this knowledge and experience... I'd hang in there, prepared to do what's right inspite of any encouragement to the contrary. Would I have done somethings different? Hell yeh, but now I simply deal with it.
  3. Thanks for this opportunity.  I'm a 69 year old, retired from the Army with 33.5 years; then continued civil service until D-Day 2016 to honor my Uncle who was Omaha Beach and carried the Invasion plans for Ike to be successful @ St. Lo.  I began military service in '68 in the info gathering community experiencing 2 trips to Vietnam, stayed in the Reserves 12th SF Group while going to college, then realized I missed working with someawsome folks and went back to 7th SF Grp @ Ft. Bragg, NC.  Later worked as an instructor @ the SF Medical Training Branch, and then went to PA school and went to various places in SE Asia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  Began service on the civilian side in Germany, then Ortho at Denver, VA then @ Walter Reed's Ortho Trauma ward 57, then to Clinic at Fort Myer, VA... best thing there were the Caisson Platoon guys who worked in Levi's/cared for the horses and performed silent service for those who've passed.  Went back to Walter Reed and did Trauma Surgery on our Iraq and Afghan vets... Many were stable due to the efforts overseas. Finished by doing Ortho at Houston VA, and Family Clinic, Fort Hood.  Presently finishing rehab following a drinking driver taking me out in Jan 2017... Slow but it's coming along.  Again thanks. RLH

  4. Good day, gents! Being new member here, I'd love to know where any training might be going on in San Antonio AREA. As we all know this city is all flipped Demo-RAT and they've shut down the long standing gun show. They're trying to put the noose on Freedom... Would not surprise me if this is a location, along with Dallas and Harris County (Houston) for the Soros sponsored thugs to show themselves. If there's a supply list, date-time and location, please reply. Blessings, Doc Richard
  5. I am a 69 yr old retired Army Vet with 33.5 years of honorable service, having served 2 times in Vietnam (2d trip with 5th SF Group), 3 trips to Central America (2 w/SF) and a trip to Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as a Medical Officer in 3d Armored Cav Regiment. After retirement, I maintained my medical credentials, licensed in TX as a Physician Assistant, mostly working in Orthopedics. CME BLS 4.13.19-2.pdf CME ACLS 4.14.19.pdf PA Board Review Mayo 8_2018.pdf Texas PA License 2019.pdf DD-214.pdf
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