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  1. You can obtain iron oxide easily. It is rust. Take iron or cheap steel bolts, parts, even rusty junk and put it in a container of water and let it sit for a while (a few months would be best). Add water as needed. After a while allow the water to dry away or pour it off slowly through some coffee filters to collect more rust from the water. Take the rust sludge dry it and powder it. There you go crude iron oxide powder. For those in a hurry they used to go to a junk yard and find things flooded with rusty rainwater, drain/dry off the water, remove leaves and other organic garbage, dry t
  2. Thought this might be useful because of pointing out small details from the production stand point.
  3. I have said this many times and will keep saying this till we are actually in the fight aka armed conflict. It is a very bad idea to have 1 leader or a group of overall leaders right now. That person(s) will have a HUGE target drawn on them as soon as it happens. Plus, with how successful our enemies are at controlling the narrative and steering people in the direction they want (including us) the possibility of that person(s) being a judas goat is far too high. As an overall movement we are better to use the Leaderless Resistance model for now. That is at the national level. Locally, I
  4. I am busy as f**k right now.  That is without the election BS.  I am trying to beat the cold and freezing temps on some last minute tasks.

    1. Ideological Gambler

      Ideological Gambler

      Will keep checking in and awaiting new content. Keep up the good work!

    2. young patriot

      young patriot

      good luck buddy. everything you post is a luxury at this point, we understand. 

  5. Trump's actions will now tell us who's side he is truly on. This is now in the hands of the courts especially the Supreme Court. The fraud was so blatantly obvious and in our faces it was ridiculous. They told us for months they were going to do this. The media told us the day before the election that only THEY can declare who the winner is. Nancy Pelosi stated last week on camera that she would not allow Trump to be certified the winner by the House. On and on and on. And since Tuesday we have at least 2 states where Postmasters ordered their Carriers to hold ballots so they could be b
  6. Should we expect any better treatment if we get surrounded? I don't think so. Defend yourselves with all your might and if needed put some of them in the ground before they do the same thing to you or a loved one.
  7. People have been posting links to that video all over to continue with the demonization of Rittenhouse. No where in there does anyone say Kyle or Rittenhouse. None of the kids in it look like him. One person said the proof is the shoes one of them wears is similar to ones Rittenhouse wore in some facebook photo. Seriously? It's not like shoes aren't mass produced. Even the rubber crook looking ones they say prove it is Rittenhouse. Plus with computer editing software who knows if the video was altered. As someone already posted, where is the original unedited video? No one produces i

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