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  1. velvetta cheese, spam, some ramen noodles, case of beer, hand lotion, and a play boy mag..... might be quarantined in the house for longer than I'll have internet....
  2. Kind of what I figured happened. But only the body cam footage with show the truth. And I bet it was "accidentally" erased already right after the raid.
  3. Expect to hear stories like this all across the country soon. Friday 13 March 2020 with go down in history as the start date for the 2nd American Civil War with the declaration of the National State of Emergency by god emperor Trump. Corona is just an excuse to get us to shelter in while they get their pieces in place to try and checkmate us with their first official move.
  4. That's why I post the links to the cooking videos.
  5. Reference guide for Cavalry Scouts
  6. Welcome to the forum and good luck in finding a unit near you. Check the forum for your state to find a unit that is still active. Also check out the Militias tab and the Map tab at the top of the page.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have no doubt you will find a unit to join in WV.

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