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  1. Winter is fast approaching. With it many of us know to change out our packing lists for the season. Removing things like Jungle Boots and replacing them with Cold Weather Boots. Adding a Gortex Jacket to the uniform items that are worn and not just packed. Changing game charts for carrying supplies to scow or akhio sleds. Swapping out Camelbacks for Canteens. The question is do you do that or do you just use the same packing list and gear year round? Have you even thought about that? Have you even planned your caches to reflect this change also? Don't give specifics please. But post some advice for people new to the militia who are looking for info on what they should do.
  2. Ah yes, there are informants in the militia and we have known about that for years. Another common tactic (one they got from starting and running white supremacist groups over the decades) is they start a militia, recruit people to learn as much as possible about them, and then either set them up as a unit or as individuals. Sometimes if they think they can pull it off they intimidate a member to turn them into an informant/instigator. The intimidation can also be enticement such as cash, lighter sentences, drugs, whatever they think the person will want. Legality of what they are offering doesn't mean much because the person is disposable and they will discredit them anyways.
  3. National Training Center training video

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