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  1. Many of us knew the bills will pass regardless. What mattered was not looking weak in front of our enemy. If the militia and Patriots didn't show up it would have only emboldened them to push even harder and faster now with their agenda. But now they have to take into account that we are willing to fight to resist when the time comes. As for the metadata, they already know who we all are. And you have only yourself to blame for that. You obviously are on the web and they monitor EVERYTHING and every post you do. Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc... just meant for you to tell them all about yourself and what your stance is. If you bought any firearms from a licensed dealer they have the 4473 showing them you own firearms along with the make, model, caliber, serial number. You pay income taxes? They know where you work and also where you live because of postal service for verification of what your employer has on your W-2. They already had the data.
  2. Regardless of the Rally the Demoncrats will still pass their gun control. If they gave a damn about the people and what they thought then the 2A Sanctuary Counties would have been their wake up call. But the Rally showed the people we are not the racist rambos they paint us as. It showed them we can be trusted with firearms and are not a threat to them. It showed the contrast of us and the leftists. The leftists when they hold rallies are all about hatred, violence, division, and authoritarianism. While we are the ones about individual freedom, working with others, doing things peacefully until another way is needed, and personal responsibility (they were even cleaning up stickers from off the pavement at the end of the Rally). That will sway many people our direction when the leftists decide they need to start the fight.
  3. Russell Hodges I have a feeling the people carrying the Barrett 50s made them rethink that.
  4. Holy hell, where did Hawaiian shirt guy get the G-3 pouches? I've been looking for some of those! That is great camo for him though. I'm sure it definitely threw it in the face of any reporter trying to portray him as a scary white nationalist.
  5. We won a major victory in the Optics Fight just like at Bundy Ranch. We do need to capitalize on it. Don't let people forget that tens of thousands of armed patriots and militia gathered in Richmond and no one got hurt! Hell, they were literally cleaning up the streets by peeling stickers off the ground afterwards! Complete 180 from leftist rallies were they leave multiple dumpster loads of grabage laying everywhere on the ground afterwards. Hell, even lamestream media is having to admit it was peaceful and there was no burning crosses and marches of people in klan robes. They LOST this battle!
  6. This rally was a major victory for us in the optics fight. I'm proud of everyone that was able to make it. (And still thoroughly pissed my buddies backed out on me on going) If anyone made it to the rally today, please message me with the following: What were your observations of the event? What do you consider are some lessons learned for us in the militia? I already sent messages to Matt in West Virginia and also Delaware Patriot(thru other sources). Don't let your guard down. This was just one battle. The Demoncrats will ignore what happened today and still pass their gun control wet dreams. A hot fight can still happen from this. Everyone still needs to remain on Minuteman status with their gear packed ready to go at a moments notice.
  7. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search
  8. Welcome to the forum. Since you are a CO make sure to post in your state forum and put your marker on the map for others to find and apply to your unit. Good luck with recruiting more people.
  9. Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of non-combat positions in the militia also. Especially on the logistics side. I don't doubt you'll find your niche and excel at it.
  10. Welcome to the forum. We won the battle in Richmond today without having to fire a shot but the war isn't over yet. That help may still be needed.
  11. I have lots of links in the description on need to know intel for the Rally.
  12. Kind of looks like the VCDL may have been listening and now realizes this is more than they are used to. Good for them calling for people armed and ready to defend those inside the cage. I pray it won't be required though. For the one looking for official announcements about armed Antifa showing up, you won't find that in any mainstream media source. But local law enforcement has been getting the word out to alternative media and they have been reporting it.
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