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  1. Unfortunately that political cartoon is truthful.
  2. You are one of the people I've followed for a very long time now, good to see you on here...

    1. SecurityGuy42


      Thank you.  I do like hearing from my subscribers.

    2. Ovrclockd


      Do you know of or have a link to Hibernian Son? He is another one I have followed since he started making videos... I would love to see him on here, too...

    3. SecurityGuy42


      I've heard of him but no contact with him.  At least as far as I know anyways.  There are other subs on here that use different screen names.

  3. I think he sums it up pretty good with this one. He used to be in Last Ohio Militia.
  4. MiguelCepeda I did read it and thought it was useless garbage. It reads like an overly wordy cover letter to a resume for someone who is a desk jockey and is trying to convince a potential employer why they are the best desk jockey for them. And that the only people needed are other desk jockeys because they are smarter than everyone else because they are behind a desk. 11. Light infantry tactics and field craft will play a much lesser priority- the traditional activities must give way to recruiting, information operations, and psychological operations in order to create and leverage soft power, and to build an unorganized militia that is a credible force. Translation, all the militia needs is desk jockeys. We no longer need people capable of safely handling a weapon and surviving in the field in austere and outright hostile conditions. It's hard enough to rein in the gear-commados who vehemently preach the only thing that should be done at training is shooting at targets and showing off the latest gadget they bought. I and others have been emphasizing the need for more basic task training, field craft, survival, and yes land navigation without the use of a GPS. The militia needs competent "trigger pullers" who can live past the first engagement just like the military does. Because the militia is the last line of defense should that first line (the military) and second line (police) fail. The main MOS in the US Army and Marine Corps is infantry for a reason not Psy Ops. 3. It cannot be underscored the importance of recruiting those that were shaped by experience and training by their military service. This is serious business and demands an approach to recruit serious people that are accustomed to and are trained to win. You will hit the jack pot by recruiting a former field grade military planner. Military planners solve big problems and move organizations. So find them. These are just 2 excerpts that really sum up that it seems like a cover letter and gives the feel you are trying to prove some imagined superiority just because you were a field grade and believe you should be in charge of everything. The whole "Project" itself reads like one of the memos you would see from an officer trying to justify why their section/project must be funded the next fiscal year and why they deserve a promotion to get the results they promised a while ago and still haven't produced. The ONLY thing I agree with in the whole thing is there should be 1,000-5,000 militia per county. But with the emasculation of the US population I really don't think that is attainable at this time. If I pull apart the document any further (which would be pretty easy) it will look like a personal attack in violation of forum rules.
  5. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search for a unit near you that you like.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I just commented on someones introduction that is in AZ also. So you aren't alone.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Check under the forum for Arizona for a starter. Then also check under the Militias tab and check under All Militia Units or Area Code Militias. You can also scroll in on the map to see who is near you.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Looks like you may have found a unit already.
  9. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search.
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