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  1. HOLY S**T. The only reason that boy wants to use the girls locker room is because he's a fat pathetic POS who will never get a girlfriend in High School and it is the only way he will ever see a real girl or woman naked in his life! He is not transgender. Blair White is transgender that kid is just pathetic and is gaming the system.
  2. US_Army_Logistics_Quick_Reference_Guide__2014.pdf
  3. You can find SOME NATO manuals, handbooks, and doctrine manuals online. NATO_Logistics_Handbook__2012.pdf
  4. Training manual for Cavalry Scouts in AIT covering the tasks and skills they need to know. ST_3-20.983_Reconnaissance_Handbook__2002.pdf
  5. How To for basic tasks for people learning to be officers. ROTC_Advanced_Camp_Cadet_Handbook__2017.pdf
  6. As good of a place to start for writing your own TACSOP as any. Infantry_Platoon_TACSOP__2011.pdf

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