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  1. Unfortunately that political cartoon is truthful.
  2. I think he sums it up pretty good with this one. He used to be in Last Ohio Militia.
  3. MiguelCepeda I did read it and thought it was useless garbage. It reads like an overly wordy cover letter to a resume for someone who is a desk jockey and is trying to convince a potential employer why they are the best desk jockey for them. And that the only people needed are other desk jockeys because they are smarter than everyone else because they are behind a desk. 11. Light infantry tactics and field craft will play a much lesser priority- the traditional activities must give way to recruiting, information operations, and psychological operations in order to create and leverage soft power, and to build an unorganized militia that is a credible force. Translation, all the militia needs is desk jockeys. We no longer need people capable of safely handling a weapon and surviving in the field in austere and outright hostile conditions. It's hard enough to rein in the gear-commados who vehemently preach the only thing that should be done at training is shooting at targets and showing off the latest gadget they bought. I and others have been emphasizing the need for more basic task training, field craft, survival, and yes land navigation without the use of a GPS. The militia needs competent "trigger pullers" who can live past the first engagement just like the military does. Because the militia is the last line of defense should that first line (the military) and second line (police) fail. The main MOS in the US Army and Marine Corps is infantry for a reason not Psy Ops. 3. It cannot be underscored the importance of recruiting those that were shaped by experience and training by their military service. This is serious business and demands an approach to recruit serious people that are accustomed to and are trained to win. You will hit the jack pot by recruiting a former field grade military planner. Military planners solve big problems and move organizations. So find them. These are just 2 excerpts that really sum up that it seems like a cover letter and gives the feel you are trying to prove some imagined superiority just because you were a field grade and believe you should be in charge of everything. The whole "Project" itself reads like one of the memos you would see from an officer trying to justify why their section/project must be funded the next fiscal year and why they deserve a promotion to get the results they promised a while ago and still haven't produced. The ONLY thing I agree with in the whole thing is there should be 1,000-5,000 militia per county. But with the emasculation of the US population I really don't think that is attainable at this time. If I pull apart the document any further (which would be pretty easy) it will look like a personal attack in violation of forum rules.
  4. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search for a unit near you that you like.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I just commented on someones introduction that is in AZ also. So you aren't alone.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Check under the forum for Arizona for a starter. Then also check under the Militias tab and check under All Militia Units or Area Code Militias. You can also scroll in on the map to see who is near you.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Looks like you may have found a unit already.
  8. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search.
  9. Welcome to the forum brother and I hope you find a good unit up in Maine.
  10. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/were-your-house-lets-go-black-militia-challenges-white-militia-confederate-monument Links to videos and social media postings with pictures in article
  11. https://www.toddstarnes.com/values/heavily-armed-black-militia-swarms-stone-mountain-on-independence-day/ Heavily Armed “Black Militia” Swarms Stone Mountain on Independence Day By Todd Starnes (video clips in article on their site) As many as 200 heavily armed Blacks dressed in military-style uniforms swarmed Stone Mountain Park in Georgia on Independence Day. “Black power,” they chanted. “Black power.” Police told television station WXIA that the northern and western entrances to the park were shut down after the self-identified members of the “Black Militia” entered the area. Video also shows some of the militia threatening motorists who were caught in the chaos. “What the f*** you laughing at,” one of the gunmen told a white motorist. “I’m your worst nightmare.” The gunman then asked the motorist, “Where’s my reparations?” Police said the protests were peaceful. However, a video shows a man in a sniper position aiming artillery at the face of the Civil War carvings on the side of Stone Mountain. “We’re trying to send a message,” one speaker said at the rally. “From now on this is how you protest. Don’t come with any God-**** signs anymore. Stop taking a sign to a gunfight.” The massive crowd chanted in unison, “We are not f***ing around no more.” “Black power,” they yelled. “Black people. Black man. Black woman. Black child. Black nation.” The Black Militia leader then ordered his troops to put their fists in the air. “We are not talking any f***king more,” they declared. So, here are a few thoughts on what went down. If the members of the Black Militia are law-abiding gun owners they have every right open carry. And to the leader’s credit, he called out the man who was aiming his weapon at the mountainside. But let’s get real. If this had been hundreds of armed white people marching through Stone Mountain there would have been wall-to-wall network and cable news coverage. Democrats would have accused the whites of trying to start a Civil War. So far, there has been no national news coverage of what happened today. And the reason why is because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative. Need more proof? Just last week in St. Louis two law-abiding gun owners defended their mansion against a rampaging mob that had torn down a gate and trespassed in their neighborhood. Instead of being saluted, they were subjected to a political lynch mob — not because they were law-abiding gun owners, but because of their skin color.
  12. So what are you really calling for? A first strike? Assassinations of known Antifa leaders? Gunning down a bunch of kids getting off a bus near a protest site they announced on twitter? Who wins the psyops victory then? The shooting war hasn't started for us yet. Once it does then kinetic action will happen and we will be stacking bodies. As for the elections thing that is something the militia has been trying to do for decades. And I think we all see how successful that has been. Showing a strong response at an announced protest is a newer tactic for the militia as a whole. Notice how when there is little to no militia response Antifa/Black Block/BLM go crazy attacking people? Notice when there is a sizable response they melt away and hide? Then they start saying they were only trolling dumb patriots (yes, I got a copy of that leftist post in this thread laughing at us and they have been posting that on my channel)? They got scared and are trying to save face. Major lesson learned from this: when they announce a protest we show up in massive numbers. Bet we will see these protests stop then butt cold.
  13. The media started yesterday evening trying to portray what happened in Gettysburg as a bunch of dumb drunk rednecks being trolled. I don't think it was. I think Antifa chickened out. I think their scouts seen how many showed up and said they should break contact. We know they send scouts ahead of their main body. That has been noted during the protests/riots that have been occurring for over the last month (I posted the links to an article and video for that intel in the VR 4th comments video). I received a few messages/comments from people near Gettysburg saying they were noticing bus loads of people showing up in their areas that didn't fit in. That they looked like Antifa types aka soy boys aka stereotype black bloc. They started coming in the evening before. I haven't received any word if they left the area yet. Like Richmond this was a PR victory. We had hundreds of patriots and militia show up as a response to a reported Antifa threat. And they showed up on short notice. They showed people that are upset with what is going on that there are others who are willing to take a stand against the nearly animalistic behavior of the left right now. So it will pull more fence sitters to our side of the fence. For those who are screaming about recruiting, here you go. Now quit complaining and capitalize on this. As for giving more intel to the enemy than what we gained on them. What exactly new info do you think they learned that they didn't know before? That we show up in what vehicles we have available like SUVs, pick-ups, motorcycles, etc..? That we use basic messaging technology to organize such as social media, email, text messages, forums, etc..? That we will show up with our long arms if we think it is warranted? That we don't always show up in full battle rattle, geared up for the battlefield? That if patriots are near the anticipated threat location they will show up if they can? What intel? Should we have better intel assets and sources? OF COURSE! But does that mean we should ignore the sources we have now? HELL NO! We use what is available to us. We can't sit around and say, "we need satellite pics showing the enemy is massing here before we respond". We can't sit around and say, "well we don't have drones showing this is going on so it's uncorroborated so let's ignore it". For the militia right now we have to go off the intel and warnings we have now. Sometimes it may just be the one thread on a single enemy account in social media. The thread that started this ball rolling reportedly had over 3500 responses of support and people saying they would show up to support Antifa in Gettysburg (source is published news articles which I read last night as they went up). I have a feeling PSM was seeing that and took it into consideration when they sent out the call for support. And luckily people showed up. Fellow patriots got off their rear ends and keyboards and helped them out against possible overwhelming numbers (the extreme end of 3500 antifa supporters). If this happens again our response should be the same. Your fellow patriots call for help you respond if you can in a timely manner while not compromising yourselves tactically at home. That's why I said if you were near by show up to give your support to PSM. I didn't say come from half way across the country (I actually had people in Oregon and Utah contact me asking if they should go to Gettysburg, I said no too far away). We don't have the assets of a modern conventional military and expecting that we should is not reasonable. What we have will improve over time and as we acquire better assets and sources. We have to capitalize on what we have now. Not sit back and say we won't do anything until we get X, Y, Z, etc.. assets.
  14. What is it that makes this implausible? Is it the statues across the country they have been tearing down each week? Is it the graves that have already been desecrated by them because the person buried there was white? Is it the riots or what the media calls "peaceful protests" where Antifa and related groups bus in hundreds to attack anyone that doesn't believe the same as them? Is it the source which in this case is Facebook? A site that has been used for years by Antifa and other groups to organize and get the word out about their next targets, I mean site of their next peaceful rally. They seem to routinely spring up sites/accounts to put out orders and then take them down soon after the Op is done or they have accomplished their intended purpose. What is wrong with militias in Pennsylvania asking for support in case they are confronted with bus load after bus load of leftist punks looking to make a strike against evil racist white supremacist Trump America? What would be wrong with militias and patriots showing up to Gettysburg and Antifa not show up? So the only thing left for them to do is to hold their own July 4th Patriot Rally and giving respect to the ones buried there. I am starting to think MiguelCepeda this is more of an ego thing for you. That you seem to believe you automatically outrank everyone and are upset they are not asking you how they should respond. There is no overall commanding officer of the unorganized militias across this country. And there shouldn't be. And I firmly believe anyone that says they should be that person should automatically be taken out of consideration for that position. Doesn't matter to me what rank they were if they ever did serve or the rank they give themselves. As for who I am, I'm just an old Line Dog that people listen to once in a while to learn from. An NCO that still passes on some of the knowledge and experience I gained stateside and overseas. Someone who still feels bound by the oath we took to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And unfortunately it really looks like we have a domestic enemy in action across this country right now.
  15. Redonkulas posted this at Bitchute instead of YouTube. Bitchute links do not auto load in this site so you will have to follow the link. This is a video we should be sharing. https://www.bitchute.com/video/T5DQ7aKLcKyi/
  16. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search. I have no doubt units would line up to get someone with your knowledge and experience.
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