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  2. You made it Short sighted.. Not shortened for clarity or brevity. I am not doing the rally Nov. 9th. It will be a flop. But to come here and see comments like, I picked a nazi day or whatever..yeah that is some ignorant shit. There is NO response to tyranny, LaVoy is proof of that. A prison? A grave? Either way, I will not die a goddamn disarmed slave with a pocket full of monopoly money. As an Army Airborne Ranger, first you need to acknowledge that there are DOMESTIC ENEMIES and then honor your oath. I give a fuck about my oath to defend my country. I don't give a fuck about what a non rate has to say about it. Speaking of Federal Prison, how does indefinite detention square with that oath you took? Legally a contract is NULL & VOID if any one part of it is broken. How many rights have to be taken away before people see the contract between the guberment and the people is broken? Disagreeing with me does not make anyone my enemy. Willfully spreading lies and dumb shit with the intent to slander and harm me makes you my enemy.
  3. Bullshit post. Par for the course. Lavoy + RFL + Coup = Do nothing. Remain silent while the Constitution is being raped. No reason to provoke it? I have a fucking right to call out the inequity as I see it. I could agree with you on some of your points but you sound like SPLC to me and I don't like you. I suggested Civil Disobedience, you know..as founding fathers put it, prior to a war..provocative or proactive? whatever. Most tards squeeze meaning out of the things I say to fit their agenda (including a split) instead taking the intent prima facie. This entire thread proves my point.. I am a Marine, period. Fuck any & all other labels and those who use them against me. Now run back and tell all of your friends what I said, IDGAF. That is the ONLY mission that has a 100% success rate, which means you, and the unsophisticated rabble rousers like you, are no better than the enemy, period.
  4. 8 years in "the movement." Nothing has been done. No progress has been made. It's almost like a myth you have to believe in. And when you want to make it real, lies spread through the spellbound idiots in the peanut gallery to bring you down. Carry on.
  5. Still peddling the Chris Hill is trying to set us all up crap.. You all have got to be fucking retarded. Whatever, it's your watered down, pussy ass event now. I'll move forward with Civil Disobedience..you know..doing what I have always done since day 1, Fight for our rights..all you fucks think I want to steal your thunder..not hardly. Try to do something a little more substantial other than trolling me. Truly fucking hate you goddamn trolls, Chris

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