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  1. A big part of our ethics is that we Defend. Not go on the Offensive. We are the rattle snake in which shall never strike first and will always only defend. The people are indeed preparing, a sense of Patriotism is for sure growing at a steady rate. That being said - we will not shoot first. It would be a brainwashed and racist group such as what you posted that would shoot first. Now I believe deep down that once these fools shoot first a swarm of Patriots will organize and will overwhelm the situation throughout the entire country. Personally I know the most normal of people who have never held a shred of interest in politics purchasing gear, firearms and training monthly. The atmosphere is not normal. The only thing we need now is organization on all fronts.
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    Organizer Statement -https://www.facebook.com/events/256159285729175/?acontext={"event_action_history"%3A[{"mechanism"%3A"search_results"%2C"surface"%3A"search"}]} "July 4 is a day to commemorate the Revolution and the throwing off of the chains of the British monarchy. A day to celebrate the unifying principle of Liberty that goes beyond partisanship and politics. A day for every American to celebrate being American. Bookmark the website for official updates! Official Page: www.july4boston.com"
  3. Organizers Statement - https://www.facebook.com/events/740456910096468/?active_tab=about "On July 4th, Independence Day,a coalition of patriot groups and all who want to join are going to retake the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone for America. antifa members are illegally occupying public property and terrorizing small businesses in the neighborhood.We will meet at centurylink field throughout the morning and then in the early afternoon march on the CHAZ.You do not need a bike to join. Any and all patriots with all vehicles are coming to this event.We are not coming to commit violence or break the law. Now that the city has authorized the placement of barricades in this autonomous zone, we will not try to remove them. Instead, we will establish a base of operations in CHAZ and permanently occupy the zone for American Patriots. We'll set up a patriot base camp and it will be staffed 24/7 by patriots both local and national.Bring:AMERICAN FLAGSwater bottlesgraffiti removertrash bagspatriot and maga gearsand bags (for the base camp)"
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  5. Just want to get a head count of who is still active. Maybe we can start building and networking? With this platform, so long as it is passed on to no one other than a trusted Patriot, we could really start to build a well maintained group on and off social media.

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