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  1. Sad there are so few of us from the state which birthed resistance to the power base. I'm planning a new "Tea Party". Peaceful, but definitely a statement that the freedom loving citizens of MA will take no more. All are welcomed. Tentative date: Evening in May.
  2. Patriot, Talk Show Host, Veteran, Father, Husband, Devout Christian, Man of Color--AMERICAN!!!

  3. I think there are many sympathetic souls here, and many of us are willing to follow someone who can lead. Many of us don't know how to start. Don't panic, I'm not advocating violence (I'm a man of peace), but we need to start becoming more visible on the streets. I get dirty stares for sporting a large Betsy Ross Flag pin, but no one has dared challenge me. How about a bunch us wear our MAGA hats and go for a walk through cities. Not a march, just a friendly walk through neighborhoods. We can bring our kids, our spouses, and friends. MAGA walk anyone?
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