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  1. This is a skill that can be taught but you have to develop the mindset that every situation in daily life outside of ones immediate AO could become deadly very quickly and without much notice. Try this exercise, in your daily life we all go into public places like Walmart. As mentioned above identify all exits. Try to identify the most dangerous person in the place. Often times this will be you, especially if you are trained and go in with the mindset that in the event of a threat you will be the one to act. Some people never understand this and will continue to be sheeple
  2. The answer was written perfectly and accurately. The only thing I would add concerning CQC is get trained on knife fighting skills. In certain circumstances that require a very quiet approach to a guarded situation. This is silent and deadly
  3. Been very busy stocking up the freezer with venison and wild pork. 

  4. Just found this site and I am hoping to find like minded Patriots in my area, I’m not looking for violent anti American people. I believe the Constitution is the basis for ALL our rights and I believe that our freedom is under attack. Although I am a proud Veteran I now have no affiliation with any outside organizations. I see our Country we all love being torn apart by the socialist agenda being shoved down our throats. If anyone feels the same the time to organize is now. I do not look at color or religious beliefs I myself serve one God. I also serve one Country the UNITED STATES that our ancestors paid for in blood so we can live free. thank you for the time and I hope to hear back from someone. Ron

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