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  1. Really informative. I love videos where they actually show the plants than just pointing.
  2. Here in the Bravo Delta Charlie Region of Florida. I do not have facebook nor do i want one..if there are any groups in florida that i can.meet up. Please message me. Number thanks.
  3. Hi guys, 


    I am a herbalist. I have knowledge in Medical and Plant Medicine. My speciality is that I create Antibiotics. I am looking for a group to join that is based in florida on learning more about the militia since I like the Constitution. I would like to learn more about Survival and forgaging is something I like doing. 

  4. Im looking for groups that are Constitution groups Florida..
  5. NancyPlain


  6. I believe its important that everyone knows their Constitution. I do not wish for wars but what I wish for is peaceful, intelligence, kindness and friendship. Therefore I have decided i would like to meet others and perhaps learn more about the militia.

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