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  1. Tempster, I completely understand your frustration and what your saying. There is content from time to time that doesn't fit. Also agree these are some of the most serious times we as a nation have been up against. There's way to many folks that have played Fortnite video games or watched to many shootem up bang bang movies and have no earthly idea what they are talking about or connection to reality. They like to play dress up and take selfies with their gear on to post to Facebook. I've been trying to recruit people for 3 years and it is almost impossible to get them to s
  2. Hello there. Welcome to the site. I hope you find it helpful find what your looking for. There's alot of good people on here that will help if you have questions. Sometimes going to the member chat area is quicker for answers. Also I will point out that it might take longer then a 10 minute membership before anyone will tell you about activities going on. Its a trust thing ya might say and with all the chaos around the country we never know who is looking to do harm. This site isn't a militia group. Its a site to help people find and connect with like minded individuals to chat
  3. Yes sir. I understand what you are saying. At this point it would take years and several good showings from militias to build a good relationship with society. By showings I mean, good deeds or battles won. I also agree that if your gonna talk it you better walk it. Unfortunately now a days, a very large percentage of people are playing dress up and trying to out do the other person. Taking selfies in front of the mirror. Truth be known they probly scare themselves half the time. Closest they come to being a real patriot is typing a comment under a video stating
  4. Hello and welcome to the site. I hope you find it useful for you. I went to your site and spent a couple hours listening to 2 of your shows about militias. Then signed up so I could leave some comments. I can understand the confusion about militia groups now a days, also understand there's alot of so called militia groups that give legit groups a bad look. I appreciate that you spent some time with a group to better understand things and hope while your here that you find the experience both positive and educational. There seemed to be alot of speculation and negative
  5. I agree with you. I've been telling people for a few years now that they are after total power and control over all of us. Their agenda is one world order and will stop at nothing to achieve it. They want to take our freedoms and make slaves out of everyone. The freedom of speech and the right to choose for ourselves will be gone. They will say what we can have and how much of it. All these snowflake sissys out here yelling and screaming all this hate crap have a rude awakening coming one day. Cause the left is just using them to help achieve their goal, but once they do, t
  6. Yes sir, absolutely agree. As I've stated in a couple of my comments here, this guy is dangerous cause he is delusional and his followers worship him. Alot of what he is doing is spouting off at the mouth. But make no mistake, he is getting more followers by the day and has an agenda. If he is put in a spot he will defend his position. The reason he openly invites the opposition to come to his rallies is cause he wants or hopes one of them makes a mistake and or fires a shot.
  7. Skillet...you are spot on with your approach to handling this guy. Good advice right there 👍👍 I do think that things in this country have reached a point that we need to push back against things and stand up for ourselves. Reguardless if we are labeled terrorist or whatever cause they have already called us that. I don't want a all out war but at this point all the talking begging and pleading to the courts and elected officials has been useless. The more we ask the more they push. And now we are up against all these different anti American groups and our countr
  8. I agree with that. He's delusional and a sociopath. He thrives on ideas of grandeur thinking he's some kind of god and all should kneel to him. The only type of kneeling I'll do before him is when I take a knee to get in a shooting position 👍👍
  9. Here's a link to "Grand Master J tinker bell fluffy pants" YouTube channel and it is his latest video from a few hours ago. He's responding to some comments made about his presidential run back in 2015. But in this video he is daring people to come to Kentucky on the 25th and bring their weapons if they have anything to say to him. This man is dangerous cause he's a delusional idiot. A idiot with a following that thinks he's a god and will do whatever he says. He is constantly calling out for other groups to come oppose them. He's always trying to push our buttons
  10. Yep, he impressed me too lol As I've stated before, I bet he scares himself with how tough he acts lol
  11. Hi chelle In case you don't know already, Go to YouTube. He has a channel there with alot of videos of him addressing his followers. And ill tell ya. He thinks he's a god and most of them do also. He gives lots of scripture but twist it just a bit. I think he may have started out as a paid actor to get things stirred up, but he is in it a 100% and is not mentally stable. Its hard to watch his videos cause of how he acts so perfect and bosteful of himself. But the more I watch and read the comments, the more dangerous I feel he is. Not cause he's some tough guy, bu
  12. Hello Mr. Leezy Welcome to the site. Look forward to seeing you around here, chatting and getting to know you. Have a blessed day 👍👍
  13. I purchased the M&P 40 about 4 months ago. I haven't had alot of range time with it yet. But what I have had I really like it and enjoyed shooting it. I was surprised at how well it handles giving it has such a narrow grip. I thought that because of the grip and the calabor, along with being a fairly light weight gun, the recoil would take some getting used to but its a pretty smooth running gun. As smooth as the 40 is, I bet the 9mm would be extremely easy to handle. I watched a couple YouTube videos of people doing reviews off this gun and the guy had his 12 year old
  14. Much respect to you sir. Very well said and eloquently put. You painted a perfect picture of the American militia right there and I wish many people could read your words to become educated in what the heart and mind set of a true patriot should be. Its not size color or gender that makes an American, but rather love honor and loyalty.

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