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  1. Article went from man stopping agressive attacker to ....changing the laws so people cant camp anywhere? Did i read that article properly last time i checked people are responsible for their own actions. A law in place of such freedoms of where a person can and cant be have nothing to do with that.
  2. Ive heard similar news of neighbors calling cops on a veteran who put a camera up on his door (most likely to keep people from breaking into his home) and the cops took his weapons and his neighbors were reporting him as a threat but there was One out of the batch claiming he was fine and had nothing wrong with him and that they were painting him.in bad light. I need to find that news article its recent.
  3. Omad... One meal a day. Focused on getting all the calories in that sitting. Fasting people do but water is Vital.
  4. It must be harder to forge in the winter if your living in northern Us..i cant imagine
  5. There is one problem i have and that is there is always that one person ... thats too trigger happy for war who blames the minorities for the problem this country faces. People need to have a clear vision of what is really going on and identify the difference because I wont tolerate hate on any minority group. I dont care what your personal preferences are. Black white chinese ..sex ..gender etc. Like you see Antifa ...but can you see whose really having access to Unlimited Time, Money and Resources? I know its not the everyday working class citizens thats for sure..its not the minorities that for sure. I just want to make it clear that people who stand for the Constitution are real Militia and it has nothing to do with Race, ethical or Sexes.
  6. Being a girl is pretty bad to live through a civil war with that said i want to learn survival skills for living in the woods ..i want to meet others who want to live peacefully with their friends and family living off our land. Gain..knowledge as much as i can because a LOT is up for grabs in America. Everyone wants something...it seems this country is on one massive divide and only the people who can see past the bull can tell that our Rights are up for grabs too.
  7. Activated charchoal for water filter Can be made with bamboo or coconut shells as the base and calcium chloride or simple table salt with no iodine.
  8. Specialty healer 





  9. I see No such High winds
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