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  1. This is a challenge to all of the members here. I want ALL of you if possible to list AT least one time you have made an honest effort to help inspire one of Americas youth this week. It can be big like becoming a mentor to a youth who wants to be more like you or as small as teaching a youth an important value like patience. Just a shout to Young Patriot, you don't have to participate in this if you don't want to. I know it is hard to lead young men and women when you are still young. I experience the same problem.
  2. I am a 14 year old from Colorado. Values are something that I taught myself. I would say I have more of a view similar to yours than the rest of my family. Welcome to Americans for Patriotic Youth my Friend!
  3. Personally, I am one of the 30% of Americans who doesn't believe that a civil war is imminent. When you look at our current situation, you will find that our nation has had moments of extreme tension. People always will find something in common with each other. People are to scared to conduct a civil war anyway. Think of what would happen. America would be made weak and our nation would be under constant terrorist and foreign attack. In the end, these things might just prevent any civil war from ever happening.
  4. This account is dead.


  5. Thank you for giving us the links @ fixer ! I am grateful that you gave us your time to find this for us. I hope your night is going well -Scandinavia
  6. I am finally getting back into the swing of things here. Just rejoined Americans for Patriotic Youth again and I will try my best to run that in every way I can.

  7. Good evening ya'll! Americas youth has been declining and morals are not being taught as they were in the past. Teens and youngsters in general have grown weary and tired. They grew up in a world where division in this nation has been extreme. Wars are being fought and terrorism has became common. Schools are under threat from people that are pushed to a point where they are willing to kill friends, classmates and teachers. The question that should be asked is how can we change this? America was built on the dreams of youth who grew up and took charge. What can be done by adults to stop this ever so common problem. Here is one thing I hope anyone who reads this will do. I am daring you to find one, just one, young person who you can mentor. All it takes is one precious moment to change a youths life. You can be someone that they look to for guidance or wisdom. Someone who can change them forever. Look out for them and make sure that they are doing what is right. Instill in them the values that make a patriot truly patriotic. I am telling you right now as a freshman in high school that you will truly make a difference if you choose to do this. YOUTH NEED PATRIOTS. They are out there waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Your best, Scandinavia
  8. Welcome to the site my friend! I hope you enjoy the community that you will find here.
  9. Good evening ya'll! My name is Scandinavia2 but just call me Scandinavia. I was a previous member who was gone for about one year. I want everyone to know that I love this community and that is why I joined back. My previous account was Scandinavia so a special hello to everyone who knew me before I left. You will find that I came back as a wiser and more mature person. Fun Fact: I have recently joined the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. While I am part of an Air Force group, you will find that I am very passionate about the Army and Marine Corps.
  10. Scandinavia2


  11. Good evening! I am sorry to say that my previous account has been lost and that Scandinavia 2 is the same dude as the original account Scandinavia.

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