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  2. Hello fellow patriots - I’ve arrived at this website first because I feel it’s no longer okay to sit back and ‘pretend’ anymore. AMERICA, we must defend. Sitting on a couch won’t cut it. My kids are at risk of this downfall should it turn and this has me worried, concerned for their life here in our country and that’s why I’m writing you. I am a family man, proud dad of 3, a successful business owner and a God loving American patriot who will defend this land should the need arise. I feel strongly about my country, the constitution and am here to meet in person other like minded folks who are Actively engaged in preserving our land, liberty, morals and values while upholding our founders framework for this country and our constitution. I have a few Militia’s I’m looking forward to learning about and I’d like anyone’s advice on whom they’re currently associated with, or recommend. I don’t know where I’d make a good fit, I’m very active and I am eager to learn the skill sets necessary. I’m located in the League city, houston texas area. Thanks in advance, JG

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