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  1. Even the writing on the vaccine card looks says exactly what the Hpv or other vaccine cards say only thing different is that it says it's for the Covid vaccine also you dont have to take the card I already asked the cdc it's just a reminder card due to the fact it takes 2 shots 29 days apart. But yet I can see why people are getting hell bent over it.
  2. They been running trails for the vaccine since March the trial isnt over till November 2021 they have 30,000 participants so far the vaccine is 94.1-94.4% effective so far they had a few deaths, severe fever, heart complications. New England medical journal has information on this trial along with a few other vaccine safety places. I do not recommend anyone getting the vaccine yet though as of right now there is a possibility of 3-4 million people who will have the severe reactions if everyone in the us gets the vaccine.
  3. Considering it looks just like the Hpv vaccine card or any other vaccine card... I say it's just a vaccine card and the hype about it being a freedom pass is purely due to conspiracy theories
  4. https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/72623-riots-protests-o-my-lets-track-them/
  5. Yes I been working on riots along with community watches we have reports of two potential child kidnapping cases the kids escaped thank goodness. So far I have over 20 riots on the list I have them on a post here on my milita.
  6. How is saying that if asked he would step down saying they won't get rid of him lmao he was put as leader or aco because no one else wanted it lmao he has put it out there several times that he would step down lmao
  7. Y'all think KIK and Tik Tok and Facebook are bad mewe is at least 3 times worse then those Mewe is ran by far left, supports pedos, anti 2A, has issues with not being able to yank known sex offender accounts, has FBI as mod accounts. I had mewe and it's not a good site to be on. Y'all do you but I refuse KIK and I refuse mewe.
  8. Have you reached out to KAP.. Kansas Allied Patriots it's a group on here meant to help others in Kansas find a group or find members to form a group
  9. Um okay go ahead believe what you want What I said is not a conspiracy theory However all your theories are just that a conspiracy Bye

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