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  1. Also the AWRM site says feel free to use the system just alter it which the lightfoot did do. You even mentioned you guys borrowed it as well and altered it. Also lightfoot uniforms do not show the FF number or anything like that. Just lightfoot patches with a state patch. You also admitted to how you came up with the state number which is an awesome way that many can think of. Not trying to be rude just not really seeing why your upset about something that 2 websites state any group can borrow and asks if we do borrow it that we alter it.
  2. Nice try I checked all the things you posted you got plenty of replies about possible meet ups for your area. There is even a part of my milita for your area code. Thing is there has to be willingness from not only you but others in your area. So far I know of at least 2 meet ups you could of went to but you didn't show up. So how about before you try to call us fake or keyboard warriors you check your self first.
  3. VCDL Protest in Alexandria on Saturday, June 13! NOTE: New time for the protest is from 2-6 pm. We will be rallying in Market Square and there will be speakers at 3 pm. THE ISSUE The City of Alexandria is moving forward with public comment and a vote on a proposed ordinance to ban guns completely in government buildings, parks, recreation and community centers, and at permitted events and adjoining streets. City Council had a chance to drop the proposed ordinance on Tuesday night, but did not. They made a minor amendment that did nothing significant for gun owners and voted to move forward with the public comment period and final vote on Saturday, June 20. If passed, this ordinance would take effect on Wednesday, July 1, and would make criminals out of peaceful gun owners for merely being on a street that abuts a permitted event, or walking through any one of a myriad of public parks, or to go in City Hall to pay their taxes!
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