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  1. Hi, I just signed up, can you give me a sort of tutorial of the lay of the land so to speak? This is new for me and I am serious about learning the how to's so I can help. Thanks.

  2. No. Asking them to take them to the teachers to have the teacher give to police to dispose of the gun
  3. PSA is a public service announcement. This PSA was made by Sandy Hook Promise.
  4. Sandy Hook Promise an anti-gun group. Made a PSA asking kids to grab their parents guns and take them to school to give to their teachers to get rid of the gun.
  5. Now that is one fake article from info wars. The only true danger is for those who work on them. Not those who are near it or for the fact that the towers are built. Japan and some other countries are now up to 7g and no negative health effects for the everyday people. Heck you can download a whole movie in less then 1 minute with 5g and up.
  6. I been reading some comments and I cant help but think damn this fantasy is so amusing its like reading a humor novel. As some of it is speaking from a childs point of view.

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