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  1. We know form history and from the Bible that there are angels, and that some of them revolted against God and were cast out, becoming the devil and his demons, and that these demons have influence on earth. We know from history, experience and the Bible that our souls are immortal, but I think most "ghosts" are not actually a dead relative but either imagination or a demon. Here's an interesting discussion on demons and possession https://www.patrickcoffin.media/jhauntings-possessions-and-exorcisms/
  2. First off, a thesaurus that equates nationalism with xenophobia, jingoism, chauvinism, is biased. Those are modernist leftist connotations, not synonyms. That said, racism refers to a RACE not a COUNTRY, so are they different? Duh. The whole argument overlooks the fact that to love one's country is not to hate other countries, and to think one's country is better than others is not to think that it is entitled to dominate or subjugate others. I'm tired of name calling in the name of "tolerance".
  3. In many (Democratic, quelle surprise) areas in our nation there were more voters cast than eligible adults https://freebeacon.com/issues/election-group-141-u-s-counties-have-more-registered-voters-than-people/ Now I understand that this may include inactive voting records, but they are still there, and represent a large number of votes that are at least potentially fraudulent. Given this, how confident do you feel in our election system> Does your vote count?
  4. What are the knots you feel are essential? In scouts we teach: - 2 half hitches - taut line hitch - square knot - bowline - clove hitch (both at the end and in the middle of a line) - sheet bend I also think it's also important to know - figure 8 on a bight - double fisherman's knot (which means you also know the barrel knot) - prusik Would you replace any on that list?
  5. We've been trying to make soap from scratch (making lye from wood ashes) and are having no luck getting the lye solution. We're putting hardwood ashes (about 10 cups) in a bag soaking in a gallon of water for a few days, then boiling down the water to concentrate the solution. I've read the solution is concentrated enough when an egg floats in it, but we never seem to get to that point. Any advice on what we're doing wrong?
  6. I disagree with Tyson on nearly everything, but he's right. And of course is being attacked for posting facts...
  7. How to stop a mass shooting? In the El Paso killer's manifesto he specifically states "Attack low security targets." A mass shooter will not be a mass shooter if his victims can defend themselves. Shoot back. It's that simple. In addition he claims to support the Christchurch killer's manifesto. That killer specifically said he was doing it to encourage more gun control so that the situation would get worse. And what is the response in the media and government to this? More gun control. Make people more defenseless so that they are easy pray to deranged evil individuals. It may sound harsh, but if you are calling for gun free zones, more gun control, and keeping armed security out of our schools, you have blood on your hands. Stop making good people helpless.
  8. Does a reply count as a post or only new topics?
  9. That link doesn't work. Do you need a webmaster?
  10. Looks great, and feels more responsive than the previous incarnation.
  11. With all the talking heads whining, there are some Americans who are taking positive action: http://americangg.net/armed-texan-civilians/ These guys are standing up with their police. and the Dallas Police Chief is telling people to put up or shut up [GALLERY=media, 183]Dallas by defendus posted Jul 11, 2016 at 6:29 PM[/GALLERY]

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