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  2. Yes. I am thinking going all the way through, get some battle drills in once we are well outside of town.
  3. Is there a member of the Jefferson state militia here? me and a couple others think it is just a idea alongside the State of Jefferson movement but I just met someone who claims to be JSM training in Klamath falls, 16 miles north of the California/Oregon border.Any possible insight to this?
  4. well, the 73rd said about 5 thousand people said they would show up to Arlington and it was about a hundred minus bloodagent and some of them were carrying co2 guns. Guess thats his group, all a self stylized general could pull up was some airsofters.
  5. Probably. isnt that chris guy the one we met in Athens?
  6. Bring camelbacks. We are doing the OCE trail with rucks.
  7. What about not showing any weapon that you dont have a prop/airgun version of? then when they come and get it you can make them feel stupid by handing that in and having your weapon system hidden
  8. There should be a better overall training and understanding in long range tactis. Not my area of specialty but as force multipliers sniper/Long range rifleman are seemingly underrated in the militia
  9. Legal or not open carrying in Arlington is a disgrace. Also anyone who did rally there would take the big uncle sam weenie. There has to be a way that dosent involve being idiotic.

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