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  1. I actually dont wanna get 100% I work as an Over the road trucker and make more than if I was 100%. I was a 19D with SAM31 qualification have both military and civilian certificate.
  2. I'm 35, 80% disabled Army Vet, 1 yr in Afghanistan, 2yrs training recruits @ FT. Knox, I was a platoon armorer (have my own tools and can work on anything from .50 cal down to a beretta), I'm also a certified firefighter and EMT.
  3. Idk much about NC 3% However, I do know a lil about the Lightfoot Militia and can put you in touch with the state leader
  4. Checking in from Statesville, Iredell County. Hope all is well
  5. Do y'all have anyone located in Iredell County?
  6. Scout2011


  7. Great chart. I use .270 Win
  8. I've given up finding a unit. I'm in Iredell County and Everytime I seem to find one nobody wants to do anything.
  9. Hello I'm a new member here from NC. I'm an Army Veteran, Firefighter/EMT-B, FT Security Officer. I have experience in training recruits in Basic training and experience as an Armorer.

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