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  1. My purebred black and tan GSD service animal was poisoned and murdered about two years ago by the local meth-heads . They murdered her because she would alert my wife and I in the house when she would hear the donkeys and guard geese start going off due to intruders/thieves on the property late at night. I have to sleep with a Trilogy ventilator /face mask and a oxygen concentrator in order to purge carbon dioxide build up in my lungs ( stage -3 COPD from Wild Land Firefighting , not using 2/3 of my lungs) so with all the noise that the machines make we could not hear the animals alerting us , but Alexis could . I named her Alexis as a pup because it means "Female Helper of God" , that and our ministry was called Servants and Shepherds . I still get really sad whenever I see a GSD . They are such AWESOME COMPANIONS AND TEAMMATES !!!
  2. Sheepdog ....... if you ever need any help please feel free to look me up , I was born and raised on the South-West Side , moved out here to Colorado about 19-yrs ago. You can also find me over at ..... http://threepercenters.org
  3. I am going to re-post some videos on cooking in the field to give you all some ideas on how some things have changed over time while somethings have not . Eventually you will run out of MRE's and you will be forced to resort to something along these lines and most likely you will have to do so on a very small budget . But if you start working on your field kitchen now it will be much easier to shop around for used items and look for ideas on the internet . Now if you can afford a used commercial concession food type truck or trailer that would be a great way to go , but most of us will have to settle on something more along the lines a Boy Scouts Camp Kitchen with a homemade Chuck Box for your individual squads , definitely the way to go for most smaller groups. I hope that this helps some of you in thinking about the many different ways that you could go in building your very own Militia Field Kitchen !
  4. I am so pleased to see this topic being discussed here , most people do not care to give food storage/ food prep. a second thought but sure will slap down the cash for another "Safe Queen " that is not needed. We addressed this issue long ago when I was more active by setting up a small dedicated camper just for the purpose of that of a portable "Mess Wagon". It was only for a Platoon size group but it was a very sanitary way of maintaining food safety and water purification . It's easy to do if you put some thought into it and if you think outside of the box a little. The hardest part was getting the guys to contribute to the food storage of needed ingredients along with storage containers . If you pool money with monthly dues and buy at a SHAMROCK restaurant/hotel supply store or something similar , then you can really save by buying in bulk and have a very healthy and comforting supply of grub to be dished out during FTX's . Also look into buying some cookbooks from Amazon on military cooking , ww2 cooking , civil war cooking , Revolutionary war recipes , etc. For some absolutely great historical knowledge on Colonial Cooking please check out Townsends on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/jastownsendandson I hope that this helps .
  5. I am a constitutionalist and an descendant of an original patriot hailing from canon city. Good to have like minded folks nearby.

  6. Pastor Mike

    Pastor Mike

  7. Hey VTCC , do you remember that old but funny 1992 Pace Picante Sauce commercial ??? Heheheheheheeeeee ......
  8. Please read the following which I re-posted here to aid in this discussion . This is what Commies , Lefties and most Democrats who still support that baby murdering for profit organization . This is why there will NOT ever be a peaceful separation . http://blog.joehuffman.org/2018/02/22/alison-aires-thanks-for-sharing/#more-10035666 Claude Werner shared something posted by Alison Aires on Facebook (minor spelling errors corrected): You *can* legislate culture. You just don’t have the guts to do it. Prohibition was half-assed. The war on drugs is half-assed. Let me tell you how you *actually* get guns banned. You use the fucking data that the NSA has. You check membership in gun clubs, you check the surveillance footage to see who’s a regular at shooting ranges. You check the people who are associated with the NRA. You get yourself a good long list of the people in America who love guns. Then at random, regular intervals, you do spot checks on them. Stop-and-Frisk them in the streets, get warrants and search their houses, monitor their online activities. Conduct raids and spot checks. And when you inevitably catch these fuckers with banned material? You don’t haul them into a cushy prison. Once the gavel comes down, you haul their asses into the town square or the main road or whatever the local equivalent is and you execute them. Make sure everyone sees. Make sure they get a good, hard look at the fate that awaits those that disobey the law. Perform this ritual thrice a month or more for the length of a full year, and we see how many black markets people try to set up, how many Mafia members try to muscle in, with the threat of summary detention, with the threat of public execution. And if people rebel? If people get angry and erupt into civil war? Then you put them down. I do not care if they are MAGA NRA members or poor black people trying to scrape a living. Those who violate the law have no place in civilized society. Perform things as I lay out, and I guarantee you that America will be free of guns in a year’s time. Except you won’t because you pussies that care more about civil liberties than properly enforcing legislation. I’d like to thank Alison for sharing. I’ll do my best to make sure her suggestions for “enforcing legislation” is taken into consideration at her trial for violations of 18 USC 241.
  9. I concur with the Judge , if the government has responsible enough to obtain the legal authority to plant said GPS device then they should be responsible enough to mark such a device so as to aid in the legal recovery of the Taxpayers property . "Excuse me Sir , but I'm here to recover our legally planted GPS device that was placed on your vehicle without your knowledge ." "Can you provide proof of ownership ?" "Well , no ....." Oh well sorry I can't help you then , possession is 9/10ths of the law and you should be more careful with how you treat the Taxpayers property . NOW GET OFF MY PROPERTY !!! " ?
  10. Great discourse there Scorpion ! Let me be clear , I firmly believe that ANYBODY can legally think whatever the heck they like regardless of it being legal , illegal , moral , immoral , whatever goes on in your head is your personnel business . It's when they take on a physical form that threatens the majority of others Rights , Freedom and personal safety that I take issue with. Nothing in life is FAIR , somebody losses to some extent , so therefore it's not truly "FAIR" , that is just a cry baby attitude in not getting what one wants over another . LIFE is not FAIR , JUSTICE is not BLIND , LAWS are not always JUST.... they ALL are a form of compromise when push comes to shove and need to be taught as much . Is it FAIR that the Clinton's have gotten away with so much criminal activity over the years while at the same time being in positions where they were to uphold the LAW . NO ! Is it FAIR when methheads breaks into your house to commit theft and bodily harm only to be able to press charges against you and sue you in a court of LAW if they either injure themselves while doing so or you as the property owner injures them so as to stop the CRIMINAL INTENT and preserve life and property . NO ! Neither are ... FAIR. Neither are ....JUST. But both have been upheld as being ....LEGAL , in one sense or another. HYPOCRISY is the REAL CRIME , that is NOT FAIR , is NOT JUST , but can be ruled as LEGAL. This is what I despise . So on to what was once commonly taught since the founding of our Republic and back in the early 1980's when I was in Chicagoland public school Civics Classes. https://www.civiced.org/resources/curriculum/911-and-the-constitution/terms-to-know equality “All Men are created equal” The meaning of the idea that “All Men are created equal.” The Declaration of Independence states that among the “truths” that Americans hold to be “self-evident” is that “all Men are created equal.” What did Thomas Jefferson mean by this statement? There are two ways that all “men”—all persons—might be “created equal.” One is that they are all by birth or naturally political equals. This means that no one is legitimately the ruler of others by birth and no one is by birth the subject of a ruler. The other is that human equality goes deeper than just political equality. In this sense, all people are considered of equal value and worth, or equal in the eyes of God. All are created moral equals. In fact Jefferson intended both of these senses of natural equality. Late in life he stated that in composing the Declaration he was not stating original principles or ideas of his own. Instead, his writing “was intended to be an expression of the American mind.” Both senses of natural human equality were common beliefs of colonial Americans in 1776. History of the idea of political equality. Ideas of natural political equality were developed in seventeenth-century England and exported to its colonies across the North Atlantic. They were the expressions of English republican thought by writers such as the so-called “Levellers” (1640s), republican political theorist Algernon Sidney (1623–1683), and (especially) John Locke in his Second Treatise (1690). All of these sources speak of natural human political equality flowing from their natural equality by birth. “Equals,” Sidney wrote, “can have no right [to rule] over each other.” Locke emphasized that political equality is an aspect of man’s natural equality. Jefferson cited English republican Richard Rumbold’s (1622–1685) graphic analogy that “none comes into the world with a saddle on his back, neither any booted and spurred to ride him.” For these writers, since all are by nature political equals, legitimate government authority arises only by consent. History of the idea of moral equality. The idea of the moral equality of human beings has more ancient origins. The equality and universal fraternity of humanity was a doctrine of the Stoic philosophers of the third century BC. These ideas were taken up and spread by Christianity, which held that each person has an immortal soul and that each person is equal in the sight of God. The Apostle Paul (5 AD–67) famously expressed this egalitarianism, saying, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). Centuries later, the Protestant Reformation deepened the idea of universal moral and political equality in the doctrine of the “priesthood of all believers,” which attacked church hierarchy, and in various aspects of self-rule in church government. Equality and the American mind. In colonial America, where Christianity was already deeply established, the Great Awakening, a religious revival movement that swept the colonies from the 1730s to the 1760s (a Second Great Awakening would take place in the nineteenth century), helped spread the idea of universal moral human equality, including equality among social classes. By the eve of the Revolution, universal human equality was a common American idea. It is little wonder that the Virginia Declaration of Rights—adopted on June 12, 1776 while Jefferson was working on his draft Declaration—asserted that “all men are by nature equally free and independent….”
  11. I.D. ..... It's always been my personal belief that whatever two (or more ?) consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of government's business . With that said , according to the last official military report on the entire alphabet (LGBTQ????) movement that all of them combined only constitute no more then about 2-3% of the entire population, the reason that they appear to have greater numbers is due to the corporate media pushing for more social engineering and adoption of said lifestyles. Here is my question to all ...... Why should we upend our society as we once knew it for such a small percentage , and yet if you are in the majority of the population being heterosexual , why is it us who are loosing our Rights over theirs ? Just food for thought on where I was coming from in my last post . No nation can have a completely free-wheeling society , there is nothing to hold in common with the average citizen . Just look at Japan , they keep the Islamic society in check , meaning they do not allow them to carry on with bad behavior like in many other countries , yet they have Constitutional Monarchy and a civilized society. Every society has accepted rules of behavior , what the majority of that society will tolerate and what it will not . Yet many of these same nations are considered civilized and respect the vast majority of Civil Rights . But when 2-3% of the population has the power to take away my Right to Free Speech while they can spew out and out HATE SPEECH something is now drastically wrong . It used to be that if a strange man wanted to discuss sexual positions and masturbation with a very small minor child would have resulted in a serious beat down by anybody nearby that heard such talk without the police arresting the one(s) performing said beating upon said pervert . But now that same little minority is saying that we have to embrace such bad behavior that is not accepted by the majority , in the name of "Tolerance" and that we just need to get over it and accept the change. Hence why I say that there has to be some fast and hard rules to societal behavior in regards to Civil Rights. Who gets to decide that , the vast majority , or a very minor minority ? Somethings to think about when you all are working out how we can rebuild this nation so that we don't put ourselves and future generations back in the same boat where we find ourselves now. How about banning any form of Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Fascist doctrines from our newly rebuilt Republic ? What reasonable limits need to be applied to a new Constitution and Bill of Rights that resonate what our Founding Fathers originally had in mind for this nation , minus the whole slavery thing . Remember that a compromise was made and that it was understood that eventually that evil practice would be phased out and that ALL MEN WOULD BE EQUAL . Now here is another question for you all , that most people do not know, what was the original meaning of ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL , as the Founders understood it and as such wrote it to be so ???
  12. VERY NICE Ideological Gambler , thanks your input !!! I'm very glad that you brought up the subject of States Rights vs. the Federal Government , that was already going to be my next stop . THE OTHER WAY .....My preferred way . Somehow , and I do mean "somehow" .... work with me here as I don't exactly know how but am open to others more detailed plans , we are able to force through some MASSIVE changes through a majority packed Republican Congress with the overwhelming re-election of Trump and by whatever means possible (accidents do happen , just ask the Clinton's) Trump is able to re-pack the Supreme Court with hardcore Constitutionalists Judges , who then re-hear the major cases that have succeeded in screwing this country up so bad over the years in a fast paced rapid fire order ! TURN THE CLOCK BACK TO THE 1920's level of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES , with standard basic civil rights for all regardless of which ONE OF THE TWO SEXES you belong to , religious beliefs EXCEPT FOR ISLAM AND SATANISM WHICH ARE PROVEN ENEMIES TO OUR WAY OF LIFE , and race WITH ZERO PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT FOR ANYONE . You basically get where I'm going with this. We strip out unions from the government workplace , return to were working for the government was a much lower paying job and frowned down upon instead of working in the private sector , no more Security Clearances for people to utilize for jobs in the private sector after they have left their government job where it was needed (last I heard Bill and Hillery still have theirs) , do away with any pensions other then military so as to motivate employees to learn new skills and then apply them to the private sector and as a result severely lessen the overall strength that the DEEP STATE partisan shills now have and control. They did it to themselves so let them reap the whirlwind on this one ! Forbid the Federal Government from using any form of leverage to force social engineering compliance upon any one state as it is a violation of that State's personal independence . If a State fails and falls flat on it's face due to it's bad choices then it's citizens will either be forced to move out of it or turn on the public officials who caused it . NO MORE GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS ! No more Federal government covered student loans , no more Federal government funding of schools , colleges , universities , etc. End ALL Federal government "work type training programs" where political indoctrination has been occurring being paid for by the taxpayer. Anyone who works at overthrowing our REPUBLIC from the position of government service or private wealthy individuals shall be labeled a TRAITOR with only one punishment and that shall be death by hanging and aired for all to witness and take heed from. All of this could be accomplished within the first six months of Trump's new term if the majority of us got behind him and demanded these changes . There is of course more but I think that this would be a good starting point and easy enough for most people to agree with and get behind , minus the special interest groups who will throw a tantrum . Ahhhhh the tears of Leftists washing our feces strewn city streets clean for all to walk on .... ?
  13. So I've been giving this some thought this past week , not so much as to what really needs to be done on multiple levels to just begin to set things straight but in how to try and get across to you and others out there watching what we are saying just how NOT SIMPLE all of this is. Let me start off with saying that our system of government is nowhere close to being as great as many people love to say , it's not , not even close. There are many reasons for this but that is all for a later discussion , what I am getting at is that regardless of how we go about doing what in my eyes is inevitable , what is more important is how will we prevent something like what we are facing from ever happening again . Food for thought as this discussion continues , and please remember that no system can be entirely FAIR to EVERYONE , it's impossible , hence why rules are for the majority of a population who can live with them , and those in whatever minority classifications , be they individual or groups, it is their responsibility to navigate as best they can within said system or face one of two choices . 1- Openly suppress their public desires and in effect live two different lives , one out in the world and one behind closed doors. 2- Move to whatever "perfect" place on Earth will let them do whatever it is that they want, that they can't do here and surrender any RIGHTS to ever coming back for any reason and forfeit any and all financial dealings and ties . Basically if you chose to leave you leave EVERYTHING and you can not pull any stunts like George Sorros does in destroying a country through his wealth . That will earn you a drone strike , so any friends that you make in your new homeland would be well advised to stay away from you unless they wish the same fate. So with all of this in mind here we go .... What I see playing out , more or less , is staged chaos . The DEEP STATE along with whatever global power groups that are pulling the strings need to have America fall to the rest of the world's standard of living , well at least the vast majority of it. I've been publicly saying this since the mid-90's when I finally realized that it was a completely futile attempt to bring the rest of the world up to ours. Hence all of the social welfare programs that have caused more harm then good in tearing families apart while perpetrating the ongoing lie that the government wants them to be strong , The moral rot and decay , the murdering and selling of babies and calling it a woman's "choice" , the list goes on and on . We all know what is to blame and yet none of us can do anything to stop it , because the government always gets in the way along with their butt buddy in the media/film industries. I see a series of "terrorist actions" , pointing fingers in different directions for whatever political pull it will give the puppet masters at that given time , with most of them being coordinated false flag operations , many of which can already be seen when a government agency finds some idiots , indoctrinates them , plans some horrific crime , provides said patsy with a "fake bomb" or some such , and then swoops in to save the day and show everyone how safe they are because of their due diligence . We can expect more controlled power outages , crop failures (real and concealed ), more rampant viruses to really get everyone worked up and then ................... limited EMP strike. Not everywhere mind you , just a couple of places of no major importance to get the populace behind whatever regime is currently in place in D.C. and distract the people with a "OUTSIDE THREAT" . Which will also bring about more draconian laws and Acts. Now you have masses of people suddenly mass migrating out of the affected zones to their neighbors who still have power and services . This would most likely take affect in the dead of winter , if it was me planning it I would target Christmas Day. Why ? For several reasons , please hear me out: 1- IT'S A CHRISTIAN HIGH HOLIDAY !!! If you were going to attack a Muslim nation , wanted complete surprise and catch your enemy basically with his pants down then you would attack on the most holy of their holidays because logic dictates that that would be the best time to do so. Remember Gen. George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas morning to attack and defeat the Hessian mercenary forces at Trenton New Jersey Dec. 26 1776. 2- Most people will be at home in larger groups then normal. 3- The airlines will have minimal staff on duty that day with limited flights, essentially the majority of aircraft will be safely on the ground. 4- Public Services will be minimized with the vast majority of staff being home. 5- The financial districts will be shut down , so no chance to run down to the bank and withdraw the few dollars that you have left after holiday shopping. 6- Many service members will be away from their duty stations on leave , especially if we have been at a very low DEFCON rating for quite some time and the national threat level has been kept lowered so as to not panic holiday shoppers from spending their savings and raking up those credit limits . Plus as anyone who knows most military bases basically close up shop for that day . 7- Without local power ,, no local communication and every cell phone fried , no water and sewer , transportation at a standstill , frigid temperatures , most homes not having alternative sources of heat , the city's population will panic . 8- Studies have shown distinct differences in how city/urban populations react to long-term power outages depending on outside weather. If it's hot and muggy outside much of the population will be out on the streets and that always goes really bad really quick. Whereas in a sub-zero snowbound situation most people tend to stay indoors for the first day or so before seeking out sources of heat and services. 9- So with everything basically shutdown , no way to contact additional emergency personnel , no real functioning transportation for said personal and the mass population as a whole , no heat , clogged up toilets , no running water for drinking or sanitation , and don't forget that many people are already dealing with some form of respiratory illness of the airborne nature ....... You now have a ticking time bomb of pandemic proportions just waiting to go off. 10 - Do you really think that with all of this going on over the holiday break that the Federal Government could rapidly mobilize to come to the aid of at least three affected metropolitan areas spread out over several states with an average population of lets say just one-million people each in a very timely manner ? The simple answer is ..... NOPE. 11- Now those people that can begin to walk to the nearest rumored area of safety , spreading disease as they go , sustaining frost bite injuries , dying , looting as they go for essential supplies and shelter as they see fit and basically overwhelming any smaller communities in their way until the lucky survivors make it to the next safe area . Only to then begin to overwhelm those functioning services , crime starts to skyrocket , at which point I (meaning DEEP STATE) then pulls the plug on just the electric grid . Now the equipment is just fine , just switched off , infrastructure still intact and all vehicles still functioning . The next mass migration now begins again just less then a week after it started. 12- OH DEAR GOD NOW WHAT ?!?! It's simple , so simple that we already know what happens next. One by one cities fall , many will start turning away the hordes of refugees in attempts to save their own populations and desperately running low supplies . Mass riots begin to break out all over the country , the Communists will use this time to rally support to their side promising a fairer system under their leadership, many flock to them but die in the process as they no longer can produce anything only consume . It is now only the end of January , how many more months to go before one-third to half of the overall population will have died ? Any spring field crops that make it to harvest without being destroyed like this past year will still take from April/May/June to plant and harvest around Aug/Sep , and that does not count processing and transportation . Now how many Americans are dead ? Now how easy will it be to start kick starting the globalists NEW WORLD ORDER now that America is finally at last on par with the majority of the world and can start rebuilding the way that they want too ? All without no Chinese or Russian invading , except maybe Ukrainian troops invited by the Democrats to render aid and security to certain coastal cities and to secure critical infrastructure and crops. And then China and Russia..... Nine months is all that it would take to accomplish this , so what makes you think that the LEFT would actually be happy to live contently and in peace in their perfect little Communist States , knowing all the time that we are just across a few newly created borders putting their system to shame ? How on Earth could they ever feel the joy springing forth from inside of them when they all sang together the Hymn of the United Nations , while knowing that they could just have the whole country under their rule in just ...........nine months.
  14. The Left started doing this under old Barry when he started to build his Civilian National Security Force under his BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE by arming government agencies that had zero reason to have armed and trained SWAT type teams like the Post Office , Department of Education and many others including...... https://www.teachforamerica.org/life-in-the-corps/teaching-in-the-corps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_Freedom_Corps https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-programs/americorps-vista https://www.youthbuild.org/ https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/senior-corps https://www.healthcorps.org/ https://www.energycorps.org/ https://www.ready.gov/citizen-corps http://myusvc.com/ http://apgreenjobs.ilo.org/news/national-green-jobs-corps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Public_Health_Service_Commissioned_Corps Regardless of the link , when you click on them you will see that each and every one of these have "CORPS" in their title name. These "Corps" are still indoctrinating our youth , veterans and seniors among others with OUR tax dollars. Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2008/07/obamas_civilian_national_secur.html#ixzz65wTBIvoM Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook
  15. I have a good friend who is a year younger then I am who has been duped most of his life and only woke up about three-years ago. Ever since then he tends to get a little pissy about others like us "NOT DOING ENOUGH " and "THEY ARE ALL TALK NO ACTION" , "WE NEED TO MARCH ON D.C. OR JUST SHUT UP", yadda yadda yadda ...... you getthe point and you might have seen his rants on similar boards . YET .... he will not do any actual studying on subjects that I keep pointing out to him , he has the money but will not invest in any quality equipment and food storage . He keeps making excuses as to why not he hasn't learned how to field strip his weapons blind folded yet and reassemble them in the field because ..."That's not going to make us free so I'm not going to waste my time ." ..... that kinda crap. But he sure will show off his abbs if given the chance and exclaim how he is "training" while everyone else is just sitting on their asses doing nothing . I keep trying to get across to him that there is more at play then what he wants to be bothered with learning , that this systemic rot is global and that until the balloon goes up all that we can do is continue to do what we can until we are forced to up the ante . I keep telling him that most newbies who spent their whole lives up until they RED PILL all seem to react that same way at some point when they think that everything can just be fixed over a long weekend and that is all that it will take to set everything straight and blame all of us for not fixing it for them already. I now just tell him when he gets like this that he is going to die alone with that attitude because it's his own fault that he is not working on Team Building and Self Education , and to only text me again when he is done with his " lil'b***h whining " as I'm done hearing it . I've been involved for about 35-years now and I've seen plenty of his kind "come-and-go-and-blame-us-for-there-kind-of-failings" yadda yadda yadda ....... And then he works his knot out for a few days and is back to being a good friend .....until..... wash/rinse/repeat..... The OP sounds like a longer winded version of what I already hear , and Sir I will tell you this , unless you are willing to actually LEARN from others who KNOW MORE then you , you are only causing more HARM then GOOD and need to put your individual house in order before you continue to rant about others not making things better for you. Like I tell my friend ..... Life's tough Buttercup , better get a helmet and learn to soldier on..."

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