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  1. I’m out here in the desert in Saudi Arabia on an oil rig , been here 2 weeks now and probably got 1 more to go. We have weak internet access, I can send and receive emails. The problem I have is this: I’m scheduled to leave on December 12th but my boss is more than likely going to try to force me to stay for 3 months or more and that doesn’t sit well with me with what’s happening at home. Anyone willing to send me updates on what’s happening at home with regards to the political/ civil situation would be greatly appreciated as well as any news regarding the COVID-19 situation in Europe as I fly through Germany coming and going and if that door gets shut on me I’m screwed. 

    1. Skillet


      Your best bet is to look at some of the groups from the area you live in stateside on the Militia or area code networks and ping a few leaders to see if they are willing to give you SITREPs.

  2. I’m actively involved with the Mercer County 1st, what are the plans with this group?
  3. Anybody that shows up for meetings and training on a regular basis is alright by me!
  4. @ Radiouser , any particular website we need to go to for studying for this test?
  5. Amazing that I was able to buy my radio from out here in the middle of nowhere, should arrive the day I leave here. I’m up for comms training and shooting. If anyone’s interested let me know and I’ll bring a few of my builds y’all can check out.
  6. One way to find out is if you have one wrap it around your cell phone and try to call it, if it rings then it’s no good. I bought some RF shielding cloth from eBay for that purpose and that’s how I tested it and it worked.
  7. Good deal! It’ll be great having someone else that likes gunsmithing in the group.
  8. Raleigh County is close enough, we could sure use you and anyone else with military experience! Hope you’ll join us.
  9. Hey Matt, things are ok here in Saudi, one of the few rigs we get a signal on. I think the interview on WVVA would be a good idea to get the word out and hopefully dis spell the image of a bunch of anti government white supremist running around the woods shooting anything that moves, which is how the media has portrayed militia groups for many years. Things could go either way since WVVA is an NBC affiliate though, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. There’s more than likely more people wanting to join but just don’t know where to look.
  10. Unless things have changed in the last couple of weeks none. I was looking for a group in all surrounding counties and couldn’t find one before we formed the one in Mercer.
  11. Had many an argument with coworkers who said they didn’t care if they outlawed ar’s or ak’s as long as their hunting wasn’t interrupted.
  12. Hope you’re right sir, but I’ve seen and heard too many politicians use the hunting and outdoorsman thing to try restricting us to bolt action rifles and single shot shotguns. I find it hard to trust any of them.
  13. How do I check y’all out? My skills are I’m a fairly decent mechanic, welder, I’m an avid shooter and reloader, I also build ar’s. I have no military experience . My wife shoots as well and has experience cooking for large groups which could be helpful

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