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    John Smith JR. reacted to Matt In West Virginia for a status update, I'll go ahead and announce the WINNER of the # DNCPresidentialPrimary to prevent you   
    I'll go ahead and announce the WINNER of the #DNCPresidentialPrimary to prevent you all this undue stress of pretending there are other candidates the DNC will allow the nomination. Hillary Clinton and Gonna Brazil proved the DNC is always up to the highest bidder. That makes this a really easy call: Michael Money Bloomberg
    I rrrrreally pity you poor people that are connected to public television. #MichaelMoney is going to run an entire Presidential campaign on the television and social media. He's pledged TWO BILLION DOLLARS toward the effort. None of you know how many lies you're going to have pumped down your throats and into your brain between now and 2020, lol. It will surpass that of the #RussiaHoax and the #ImpeachmentHoax put together for the last 3 1/2 years.
    And as an added bonus, our nation's most successful enemy spy of all time, #HillaryClinton, will probably be his running mate... her 3rd time around, and another reason this will all be done on TV and internet.... She can't stand up any longer so they'll just campaign digitally. The only thing you need to have her around is money. She will get along great with Michael.
    If you Republicans drop the ball by staying home on election day like you did when Obama was President, you may well be kissing America as "I" know it, goodbye. Because it's a fact of the world we live in: Money can't buy you love, but it can buy every thing else. It's incredibly disappointing to know that a simple dollar can actually turn the mind of an intelligent human being, but it's a fact never-the-less.
    WE are the world's last stand, folks. When America falls, there is nowhere else to run.

    Bloomberg Pledges To Investigate ICE And End Trump Policies In Newly Unveiled Immigration Plan  

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