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  1. hello, im trying to join a local militia. can you help me?

  2. hello, im trying to join a local militia. can you help me?

  3. My

    • hello patriots I plan on going to the festival as I am also trying to relocate out their in northern Idaho I'm trying to network with people within the area asking around for possible room for rent I would like to be more out in the country or even wilderness I would pay rent as well as helping out working around the property I really like to join up with light foot I can do whatever I can do and learn too do i would be your guy for running ammunition too the line I would be also your pack I would carry whatever I would tend the camp making sure canteen are fillled with clean water I would cook whatever I would prep whatever I would fly the flags I would make sure that all in camp are resting well keeping watch during their rest time not so big on height but I would put that behind me if that would protect and save lives then that's what I would do I follow orders well I don't talk back I also know some things that would hard to take in but I assure you patriots that what I know is all truth and real but allow me to show myself firstly and allow me to help you as you would be helping me I also have a good golden retriever four years old still acts like a pup everyone who meets Him seems to fall for him he also still has his junk and he could use a wife he would make good looking puppies with whatever breed I just ask for a chance with you and your unit and I will learn as I will prepare myself for you and what I know and will share will prepare you so what I'm also asking if anyone knows anyone that would want to rent a room or even a room in the barn I will pay as well as work that is if one is interested or knows someone who would be thank you patriots for your time and hope too hear back from someone even if it's a no thank You and always be ready for anything 

  4. I recently joined the 508 but haven't heard from anyone else in the militia and am unclear as to what we actually do when a situation arises. Do members actually get together? Are there any training sessions or ways to keep on top of current events that may be of importance?



  5. anyone close to Reno NV?


  6. Anyone near Martinsburg WV?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Robert P

      Robert P

      Matt I just p.m. to her and send her my number to get in contact with me Matt 

    3. Matt In West Virginia
    4. Robert P

      Robert P

      Matt II made contact with her All is a go

  7. Anyone in upper Michigan interested in starting or is there away a unit?


    1. BBB2019


      I'm 610 area code.  Anyone close to Nazareth, PA?

  8. Enough is enough when free speech is suppressed,when the lawless can go unpunished ,when hard working peaceful citizens have to live their daily lives in fear ,it is time to step up and be counted——- rise up and speak your beliefs 

  9. I would like information of any true organizational efforts in Western NC. I'm in the Hickory, NC area.

  10. I'm looking for a Militia in Rockingham County NC, not sure if this one is...if not can someone direct me to one near there??                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you,


  11. Hey i just joined your militia accidentally.  I live all the way out on the east coast and from what I can see you all are from around Utah and Nevada.  I am looking for a militia over her on the east coast in North Carolina.  Can you help me hook up with a militia her in NC?  I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give me.  




































    1. SandraJap
    2. Claudia


      We are on the east coast. Not sure what you are. Looking for because I have found some have different definitions of what to expect. What area of eastern NC are you?

    3. Liberty Fairfield

      Liberty Fairfield

      contact me Angela

  12. Folks, this is not a monitored or manned account.  Postings on this activity feed are not watched or usually answered.

  13. I've been trying to join or at least be considered for becoming a member. I have been constantly redirected to purchase items or download other things. Can I please communicate with a PERSON?

    1. Claudia


      Know how you feel. Did you look for a group using your area code? That's how I found the different groups in NC. Good luck.

  14. I just joined your militia and am wondering if we ever meet or if there is something I need to be doing? Very new to this and looking for all the help I can get.   

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      welcome to the site.   MYMILITIA.COM is a clearing house for all groups to share info and create local groups / militia.

  15. Hi, I'm from KC area 816... been watching the subversion of our country for awhile now and see that it has been going on for longer than I realized. Check my profile, if you feel I could add to this militia, I would love to discuss. Thanks.

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