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  1. Can you get me in touch with your commander? Is anyone talking about fighting this coronavirus shutdown in anyway? If not, why aren't they? If you ask me, it's time. 

    1. MortoniousMaximus


      I'm with you Lex. Whose the commander for the NC militia? This is definitely the event their going to use as an excuse to use FEMA and confiscate everyone's guns once things get out of control. FEMA, the UN and the WHO are all traitors to America

    2. Stillman4201


      I tp would like to get involved 

    3. Stillman4201


      We need to organize/ unite as one, working towards the same goal.  Which is obviously our freedom to be able to live our lives!! We need to liberate our mind, and not live in fear , our vibrational energy is not in alignment with our greater good . Vibrate higher!! Yes we need to make a plan and group together, stand as ONE . And tell these governemnt officials that "there is a price that we will not pay, and there is a point for which the government cannot cross!! 

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