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  1. Looking forward to Saturdays rally! Hope to see you there.
  2. Bill, Thank you for your interest. I am a County Leader with The Three Percenters. While we are not a militia, we do meet, discuss, and train on a variety of subjects. Each County in NJ has a chapter. We are relatively new so you would be getting in early and help to shape your County chapter. Go to www.thethreepercenters.org . If you like what you see, click on the New Jersey link
  3. Great thread. I have been careful with what little I do on Facebook. About 2 years ago I was thinking about how easy it would be for Facebook or a government agency to "connect the dots". They could easily put together a very accurate profile of anyone to use against them. I will also be closing my account in the next few days.
  4. We need you: http://www.mymilitia.com/threads/three-percenter-state-chapter-new-jersey.17202/
  5. New Jersey Militia, see: http://www.mymilitia.com/threads/three-percenter-state-chapter-new-jersey.17202/
  6. See us at: http://www.mymilitia.com/threads/three-percenter-state-chapter-new-jersey.17202/
  7. Paul, I'm in northwest Jersey. As a proud patriot, I am very concerned about where this country is going. I don't have the answers but I know that I can't be alone. Individually we can only do so much to prepare to protect ourselves and our families. Together we can be stronger. This could be a good networking group. My hope is that as people reply and become part of the NJ3%, we will be able to exchange thoughts to plan and prepare. Like-minded patriots, organized, would be far stronger than us individually.
  8. Where are the Jersey brave? Where are our III %? I am not one of Obama's bitches, nor are you! This fuck is killing our glorious nation. Are you ready to stand with your brothers and sisters to defend your family? I am! Are you willing to defend this great nation? We need to hear from you.
  9. I am not aware of any active groups in Jersey and would like to get the ball rolling. The time has come. This country has been traveling down a very bad path. There are a lot of patriots that need to unite, discuss, and prepare for the future. If you are interested in being part of the III %, please post a bit about yourself so we can get the ball rolling. Thanks.

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